Monday, January 11, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

Welcome to Twofer Tuesday. This is a quick post where I share two thoughts.

Did you see where Miep Gies recently passed away? She was one of the people who helped hide Anne Frank and she is the one who saved Anne's diary. She was 100 years old and always insisted that she wasn't a hero. She said that she did what was right and what she had to do. She was an ordinary person who did an extraordinary thing. Just like the passengers on the Christmas Day flight to Detroit who subdued the bomber. Do you know any ordinary people who have been heroes?

All of my Christmas decorations are down and put away - except for the pile of Christmas cards. I always wonder what to do with them. I usually throw them out - but always feel so guilty. I really feel guilty about the photo cards but I do receive photo cards from people that I am not that close to. Am I obligated to display their kids in my house? What do you think? What do you do with your Christmas cards? Did you notice that there seemed to be a lot of glittery cards this year? A vast majority of the ones I received sparkled in some manner. Also, when I write out my cards every year, there are a few people that I pause over and think "Do I really need to send them a card?". You know the people I mean, you were casual friends 20 years ago and haven't seen them since. If the truth be told, you only think of them twice a year - when you address their card and when you receive one from them. I always think "If I don't get a card from them, I will simply drop them from my list." Of course, they are ALWAYS one of the first cards that I receive so they stay on the list. The people you don't get cards from are usually family members that would be upset if they found out you still sent cards but left them off.

PS for Sue: Yesterday, I "roasted" a chicken in the crock pot. YUMMIE! Today, I am using the leftover chicken and making a chicken noodle soup in the crock pot. One of my resolutions this year was to use my crock pot an average of once a week.

Here's to quick little posts.


  1. Yum on roasting a chicken in the crock pot! Although, I am not going to be as diligent as you in making a crock pot meal every week, I am looking forward to using mine more. I just bought the ingredients to make a Beef Barley soup. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  2. I love crock pot cooking!! We're having crock pot pork chops tonight (some Weight Watchers concoction with Diet Coke.) I do agree with you about the cards and feeling guilty when I toss them. Safely stored in my basement are all the cards from the last three years - it's the guilt thing :(

  3. I didn't send any cards this year, and I felt a little guilty so I posted on facebook saying it was to be more green, which it is, but it's also because they are so expensive, and people just throw them away! I also struggle with picture cards. I put all mine in the junk drawer where they stay for a couple years until i finally throw them out. Nice pictures, but, just send me a digital version then I can look at it and delete. I did just see a post about turning cards into bookmarks. Cute idea, and simple for noncrafties, like me. Ok, wow! this comments long enough to have been it's own post :o) Have a Wicked lovely Day!

  4. While in Amsterdam a few years ago, had the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House...forever etched in my heart!
    As for Christmas cards...I keep them. In fact I've been saving them for so long, they have their own container. Why? dunno. Let my kids figure it out when they clean my house after my expiration date.
    CrockPot cooking is the best! Easy and leaves the house smelling good. Oh and healthy, of course!
    Make it a good Tuesday!

  5. I know this sounds horrible, but I quit sending cards years ago. I do a lot of communication throughout the year and always email a Season's Greeting to all who I communicate with. I just can't justify the expense of buying cards adn stamps and then knowing that the people I send them to just toss them afterwards. (I live very close to the bone when it comes to money)
    I love using my crock pot, although I don't use it enough. My favorite thing to cook in there is a pork roast with sage rub. My house always smells so good when I come in from work and that roast is already done and waiting to be eaten!

  6. I throw the cards out without an ounce of guilt!! But it's not my fault. I'm a minimalist. I can't control my urge to purge.


  7. Every year I say that I am not going to send out Christmas cards except to immediate family, but every year I end up doing it.
    I have a wooden Christmas tree shape rack, sorta like a napkin holder where all the cards go and this rack is placed on my bookcase in the family room. After Christmas the rack and cards get put in a box with all the other Christmas decorations until the next year when I get rid of them.

  8. "When in doubt, throw it out" one of my hubby's favorite mottos.

    I display them on the wall for awhile...mine are still up. Then the whole kit and kaboodle go in the trash. After'll get another one next year!