Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

Monday Morning Musings is where I blog about things that I am currently pondering. You know, those thoughts that you turn this way and that way trying to make sense of. Those things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

My son's social studies teacher has apparently given me a nickname. He has a very casual class where he encourages the students to express their opinions. However, he is not afraid to challenge them and state his opinion too. My son stated an opinion that the teacher disagreed with and he asked Evan "Do you think Mama (insert last name here) would approve of that?" This is the same teacher that came up to me in a store Thanksgiving weekend and tried to point out clothes to purchase for Evan. Apparently, he figured if we bought Evan ugly clothes for Christmas, he would have something to tease him about. As I said, he is a very relaxed teacher! He is, however, very passionate about his students and is already planning an independent study course for Evan to take his senior year. I am not sure why he decided to give me a nickname (the reason I am going hmmmmm) but I am choosing to believe it is because he knows that I am an involved parent and a strong advocate for our high school. I am so tempted to drop him an email and sign it Mama (insert last name here)!

Our dog is a little high strung so we have doggie prescriptions for her for times of stress. Yesterday, she was limping around the house. She wouldn't let anyone really check out her paw so my husband gave her one of her doggie tranquilizers. She was sleeping on the bed at the time. unfortunately, she decided to jump off. For some reason, the pill hit her hard and she had no control. She went sprawling. No yelp. Nothing. I jumped up to check on her and she was just lying there. It was pretty scary. I called for my husband as there is no way that I can pick her up. She was absolutely fine and not at all upset that she couldn't get up. He picked her up and put her back on the bed and ended up carrying all 90 lbs of her downstairs to go out. He did get to check out her paw and there is no evidence of injury. We have no idea why she is limping but seeing a 90 lb dog zoned out on drugs was pretty funny - once I got over the panic of seeing her collapsed on the floor.

That's it for today - I am off to throw something in the crock pot. Have a great Monday!

Here's to thoughts that make you wonder.


  1. Mmmm, let us know what you threw in the crock pot tomorrow, will ya?
    I wouldn't be offended that the teacher gave you a knickname. Maybe he has the hots for you? Haha, I am sure it is that he feels comfortable around you and Evan!

  2. I'd be less concerned with being called mama bear than the teasing.

    but with our kids being autistic we're very sensitive to them being teased.