Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Special Anniversary Edition

Today is Thankful Thursday! It is the day of the week that I pause and reflect on all of the good things in my life. It helps me to remember them on those days when I just want to yell "REWIND" and start all over again. Since today is my 26th anniversary, I am posting a special list about why I am thankful for my husband.

1) I am thankful that he is an amazing father. He has come a long long way from the guy who wasn't even sure about having kids. From being a boy scout leader to waiting in line on New Years morning from 2:00 am -7:30 am for an XBox 360 to always being there, I know that Evan is lucky to call you Dad.

2) I am thankful that after 26 years, we still have plenty to laugh and talk about. I enjoy spending time with you. With Evan getting closer and closer to college with every passing second, we are going to be empty-nesters sooner than later. It is nice to know that I won't be looking around the dinner table wondering what to say.

3) I am thankful that you are willing to be the fix-it guy with our electronics. You never fail to respond when I put up a panicked "SOS" because I have screwed something up on the computer or printer.

4) I am thankful that you badgered me into taking karate. I am having a ton of fun and it is great to have this activity to do together.

5) I am thankful that you have always supported me in all of my activities. When I sign up for something (Cubmaster, baseball, etc.), they always get two for the price of one because you will be there in the background helping out.

6) I am thankful that I never have had to worry about where you are or what you are doing. If you say you are at the mall or at work, that is where you are.

7) I am thankful that you put our family first in everything you do. You may not be wild about your job but you go every day and work hard because you want to support our family.

8) I am thankful that while we have shared interests, you have your own interests and you encourage me to pursue my own interests as well. You never have a problem if I want to get together with friends or go to a conference.

9) I am thankful that we live in a state that allowed us to get married at age 10 so being married 26 years doesn't mean we are old. OK. Maybe that one isn't true. However, there isn't anyone that I would rather grow old with.

10) I am thankful that you are always there to support me when I have a bad day or when I can't get my car up the driveway in the winter.

Who or what are you thankful for today?

Here's to my husband!


  1. Awesome list!! Congratulations!!

    Happy #26!


  2. Yay! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Here's to the next 26 years!