Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twofer Tuesday

Twofer Tuesday is a quick post when I spew about two different topics.

Last year, my favorite Christmas gift was my Kindle and I still give that high marks. I use it almost every day. In the past month or so, I have figured out that there are a fair number of free books offered by Amazon. Often, they will offer the original books and then you get sucked into paying a sequel. The other day, I downloaded 3 books for free and then paid $9.49 for the latest book in the series. 4 books for less than $10!?!? Score!

However, I have a new love. I am not giving up my kindle but my favorite present of this year is my....... ROOMBA! What is a Roomba you ask? It is a round vacuum cleaner robot that goes around the house. It is pretty darn cool, I tell you. When actually got two Roombas. Target was having a buy one higher model and get a lower model for free. So we have the fancy one (that returns itself to homebase for recharging when it runs low on battery charge) downstairs and the cheaper model upstairs. I have to tell you, they both do a great job. Seriously, I don't think my floors have ever been this clean. I pushed the button on the downstairs one when I left for work this morning and came home to a cleaner floor and the Roomba back on its homebase. How cool is that? Having a second one upstairs is going to be great too because of our allergies. We will be using it quite frequently.

What gadgets do you have that make your life easier?


  1. I have a friend with a Roomba and have been coveting it for a while now. Kindle doesn't really interest me, but I could really get into having someone else vacuum...and do the dishes. THAT would be worth the money.

  2. I don't have a Kindle or anything like it... but I am told that many libraries now have online downloads available for readers...

  3. I always wanted a Roomba, but my little dog hates vacuum cleaners and small critters. I am thinking if I were to go off and leave the Roomba to cleanup, it would meet it demise by way of Jack Russell Terrier! On the other hand I would love to be a fly on the wall and see just exactly what fun the little dog would be having. I jsut can't afford a dog toy that expensive!
    The kindle will be my next prize for myself when I get the money together. It's nice to hear that there are frebies going on too. I am sure I could run myself into bankruptcy buying books...I want them all!!!

  4. I'm so interested in this Kindle thing... is it easy to read? The lighting OK? Is it alot of paging down or over?

  5. Hi Rebecca - I love my Kindle. There is no lighting on the Kindle (just like on a book). Apparently studies indicate that backlighting (like on a computer screen) add to eye strain. You have to use a book light but they sell one that is awesome. It is very very easy to read as the font size is adjustable. No paging down - you read a page and click to go to the next one. I have done a few posting on the Kindle - you might want to read them. Best gift of all time, it has free basic internet (I haven't tried to get on blogspot but I can get on facebook) and the reviews blow the Barnes and Noble Nook out of the water. I know several avid readers who have them and we all love them.