Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fragments for Friday

Friday Fragments?
It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. Mrs. 4444 over at is the self-proclaimed Fresh Princess of Fragments and we are just her lowly subjects. It's ok, though, as she is a benevolent ruler. What she wants is for all of to shake free all of those little bits of thoughts that can clog up our minds. Make sure you head over to her site to check out what everyone else is up to.

A few days ago, I mentioned the Nathalee Holloway case. Does anyone else think that it is strange that Jon-Benet's father and Nathalee's mother were an item? I don't know if they are still dating but they were as of 2007. That seems so bizarre to me.

Now the current case is the missing mother where Dad allegedly took tow toddlers car camping in a snow storm on a Sunday night. While they got back, the wife was missing and there were fans set up in one of the rooms to dry the carpet. That is so suspicious to me.

I read somewhere where the leading cause of death of pregnant women was murder by the father of the baby. When you stop and think of all of the famous cases - Lacey Peterson, Carol Stuart- you start to believe that it is probably true.

We had the television on for about 5 minutes the other night showing the People's Choice Awards. I was so excited to see them reveal the "Heroes vs Villians" cast for the up-coming Survivor. I have to admit, I was actually gleeful at some of the choices. In the first minute, I was thrilled to see that blue hat with the big red B - Yes! Boston Rob was back!!! He is a villian but I really loved how he played the game in the last All Star version and in the two Amazing Races. Colby, Russell, James, JT, Tom.. all of my favorites are coming back! Some of them are favorite good guys and some of them are favorite bad guys but they have so many players that I find fascinating. I can hardly wait!

I can't believe that I still have my Christmas tree up. We usually have it put away before New Year's Eve but just didn't get around to it this year. That is definitely on the list for this weekend. Besides that, we don't have much planned except to go out to dinner at a Rib Place tonight. My son, the vegetarian, has something to do tonight so Tom and I can act like the carnivores that we are and pig out on BBQ. Yum!

That's it for today. Have a great weekend!

Here's to Friday Fragments.


  1. Oooh your a Survivor fan.. I can't wait for the new show.. I actually wrote a post in November about Russell! Villians team is going to be wonderful insanity, supposedly Parvati and Russell team up.. Goosebumps!!

  2. I'm excited about Survivor, too, even though I have to Tivo them and usually watch them weeks late.

    Let's get together. I can bring Hallie if you want - I know you want to meet her. What about next week - any day but Friday...

  3. I did not know that Holloway and Ramsey were an item. That's certainly suspicious, isn't it?

    Christmas trees and lights need to be up in January when it's so dark and cold! Set a new trend!

    Enjoy that rib place :)

  4. Ooooh! Thanks for the Survivor update! I haven't been excited about TV in awhile but I will definitely watch this one! woohoo! hubby hates hates Boston Rob, and I love that he's honest about not being honest!

  5. I work in TV news, and I hadn't heard anything about Beth Halloway and Jon-Benet's father dating... what an odd relationship. What do you have in common to talk about other than a terrible tragedy? I can't imagine that's a good foundation for a relationship, but I guess stranger connections have been made.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  6. That is odd that Jon-Benet's father was dating Natalee Holloway's mother...

    My sister and I were talking about that suspicious dad that took his young sons camping in the middle of the night when his wife 'conveniently' disappeared. Another Scott Peterson?

    Happy FF! :)

  7. Oh yum, I hope you enjoyed your BBQ!

  8. Yeah, let's go camping at midnight in the middle of a snow storm. Good grief. Even I could make up something better than that!
    What makes someone a vegetarian?? I've often wondered. I have a friend that won't even eat something that has a little chicken broth in it!! I can't even imagine what they think a little chicken broth would do to them.

  9. Hi, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say are so sweet. Loved reding your post. How about hiking the Appalachaian Trail? Or my wife was using a golf club to try to break the window in my car to save me? I find the Jon Benet, Natalee Holloway thing to be most interesting. I tried to be a vegetarian, but a nice grilled sirloin kept calling my name. Have a great week! hugs, Kathleen

  10. enjoy your burnt dead animals!