Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it just me........

Once again, I am following the leader and joining in on the fun. The one, the only Hallie over at The Wonderful World of Wieners does a gig on Wednesday where the filters come flying off and we let you in on all of those things we are thinking. You know, those thoughts that pop into your head and you wonder if you are the only one that looks at something a particular way.

Is it just me or did you find the story about the almost-105 year old man who died this week after getting hit by a car a very sad story? I mean, anyone who dies after getting hit by a car is sad but the man almost made it to his 105th birthday!! He didn't die of old age, nope, a car mowed him over. He wasn't using a walker or in a wheelchair. Apparently he was healthy as a horse. Don't you wonder how long he would have lived had he not had an encounter of the worse kind with a vehicle?

Is it just me or are you getting nervous to read any magazine articles about science? I just read an article in Time magazine that said that what we eat can not only affect us but also our children and grandchildren because it can change our genetic makeup? So if I stop at dunkin donuts on my way to work today, my unborn grandchildren may have a shorter lifespan?!?!? Gee, talk about pressure. It is hard enough staying on a diet for ME- now I have to worry about my son's children? Yee gads.

Is it just me or do you get nervous when you get a call or letter from the school even though you are pretty sure your kid hasn't done anything wrong? We got a letter in the mail yesterday from the high school and my heart stopped for a microsecond wondering what it was all about. It was simply a letter inviting my husband and I to the Rotary breakfast in a few weeks to see our son recognized as STUDENT OF THE MONTH for the high school. Needless to say, I didn't have to worry and I am proud as can be. I have to confess, however, that I put on a stern face and asked my son if there was something he needed to tell me since I had been told I needed to go to the school for a meeting. Hee Hee.

Is it just me or is timing everything? I read a news article this morning about a Maine man who accidently shot someone during a sex game and he is on trial for manslaughter. The thing that struck me the most was that 4 days after he shot this person, he testified in support of Maine's Gay Marriage law. No matter what you feel about that law, you do have to admit that it is controversial. Maybe it is just me but I think having someone involved in a homosexual shooting during a sex game testify is not really going to help your cause with the conservative people who oppose gay marriage.

That is it for today. What thoughts are you pondering?

Here's to Hallie!


  1. I think I have 1 or 2 days available this year in my otherwise very busy social calendar to fit you in. I'll double check and get back to you!! :) (I'm sooo funny!!)

    You shouldn't worry about disfiguring your future grandchildren by eating a D&D donut. You should worry about me, and my junk food starved body, coming to kick your ass out of jealousy!! MAN DO I WANT A DONUT!!!

    When I saw the story about the 105 year old man, I actually smiled. You know why? Because I TOTALLY believe that had he lived to see 105 and beyond (cue Buzz Lightyear) he was destined to start experiencing declining health. I think his time was now so that he literally went out on a high note. I prayed that he didnt suffer and that it was quick. But I have to say Jonel, that it seems pretty cool that he gets to stand before his maker and say, IT TOOK A DAMN CAR TO TAKE ME OUT NOT OLD AGE!! :)


  2. I literally laughed out loud at the gay marriage/sex game thing. Seriously, they couldn't find a more suitable spokesperson?

  3. I died of laughter from your Dunkin Donuts comment. I was just there today, LOL. I agree with you and Annie D. Really, that's the best they could find? Sounds like a FAIL to me. That poor old guy too. What a way to go after all those years. Your list was awesome. I'm glad I stopped by!
    I'm up too

  4. We got a letter from the school recently...I too always wonder what it will say.... my daughter was to receive a Good Citizen Award....for the third time. If it came addressed to the parents of Kaleb .... I would definitely be nervous. He's naughty!!

    The sex game shooting one is funny....how is it I never hear about these things....we live in the same state right???

  5. using a loaded gun in a SEX game? how STUUUPID do you get????? good grief