Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Once again, it is that grateful day of the week where we forget about the irritating customers and the co-workers who drive us batty and reflect on the things that make us smile and happy to be alive. My thankful list this week (in no particular order):

1) I am thankful that the Colts made it to the Super Bowl. I am not a huge football fan (in the least) but I am a Manning fan.

2) I am thankful that I have tomorrow off. I am trying to burn some vacation time.

3) I am thankful that I and going on vacation in in less than 30 days! See above about trying to burn off some vacation time.

4) I am very thankful that my son enjoyed the black bean chili I made for him in my crock pot. He has even said I should make it again!

5) I am thankful that the weather has been pretty mild this week.

6)I am thankful that our new heater is in the family room so that it will be toasty in there even when the temp drops to "stupid cold" this weekend. (The radio dj's words, not mine.)

7) I am thankful for all of the amazing kids in my town. We attended a student of the month breakfast this week and I was very impressed with the selections. I also spent time last evening writing a press release about a scout in our local troop who ran a food drive for the food pantry and collected enough food to feed their clients for 10 weeks. He was responsible for collecting over 11,000 pounds of food.

8)I am thankful for "girls' nights out". I am still smiling from the one that we had last week. I am thankful for non-busy restaurants who don't give us dirty looks when we take up residence for hours and hours.

9) I am thankful for leftovers that make it easier to keep my New Years Resolution of taking my lunch to work three days a week.

10) I am thankful for fellow bloggers who take the time to read my blog and comment.

What things are you grateful for this week?

Here's to the little things.


  1. Scout leaders who give so much time so that MY son can advance.

    A house with heat. A car with heat. A workplace with heat.

    A husband who doesn't mind terribly that I overdrew the checking yesterday :(


  2. Yay! A Manning fan! I don't know why no one likes him. I think he's awesome.

  3. I am thankful for Thursdays when all of my kids are in school....ahhh quiet bliss!!

    I am thankful for chocolate peanut butter cookies....ahh bliss

    I am thankful for my husband...and I hope the blob on his lung x-ray is nothing!! Fingers crossed!!

  4. Thankful for my husband
    Thanksful for my cat
    Thankful for my family
    Thankful for my faith
    Thankful for blogger buddies who remind me to be thankful,
    hugs, Kathleen

  5. Today I am especially thankful for an understanding boss who said, "S**T happens", when I called to explain this morning that apparently I forgot to turn on my alarm last night! She totally didn't mind that I was a good hour late. (And the place didn't fall apart without me)

  6. hmmm, colts?? who's the colts????

    I am thankful the Saints made it to the Super Bowl...I am also thankful that we don't have TV..or I'd be having to watch les Saints. I shall have to content myself with waiving my fleur de lis from my front porch windchime. ;-)

    I am thankful that this INSANE work week has ended...and that I did all my patients....

    I am thankful that (weather permitting) our house will be blessed this afternoon!