Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't fret - it's fraggin' Friday!

TGIFF! That's right. Thank Goodness It's Friday Fragments! You know how your purse gets cluttered up with old shopping lists, receipts, half completed to-do lists and broken pens? Well, your brain does too! Friday Fragments is the day that we clean it all up and do something with those half thoughts and random ideas. We do it because Mrs. 4444 tells us we should. She probably wants us to clean out our purses too but we will leave that for another day. Make sure you go over to visit Mrs. 4444 and see what clutter everyone else has dumped out today.

Mommy's Idea

The earthquake in Haiti is such a sad story. I just can't fathom what it must be like to be there. It definitely makes me appreciate where I live and makes me hold my family a little closer and a little longer. They are in my thoughts.

I noticed that my number of followers decreased this week. Does anyone else panic when they notice that? I immediately wondered what I had done to make them leave. All my insecurities came rushing to the forefront. How sad is that?

My son has submitted his Eagle project for district approval but it got bounced back. We had to drive 45 minutes to pick it up because the new district rep doesn't believe in mail or email. The changes they need made before the final approval are not significant. In fact, they handed him a sheet that they use to review it. We were informed that he should have used this sheet when he was doing the original submission and that the scoutmaster has it. Our scout master never passes it out. How frustrating. My son is going to take his project workbook to school and review everything with one of his teachers. His social study teacher is an active scouter and has offered several times to help. I don't know why my son (or husband or me) didn't think to have his teacher review it before he sent it in. Oh well, hopefully they can finish it up today and the workbook can be resubmitted Saturday or Monday.

Back in the day (many. many years ago), teenage girls wanted blonde hair. They used the sun-in products, they streaked their hair or - if their parents let them - they dyed their hair blonde. I have noticed that several of my son's classmates have dyed their hair much darker. I have seen a couple of these girls and had to look twice. Funny how the times have changed in some ways (the color) but not at all in others (the desire to change the look).

I have been doing really well on my New Year's resolutions. I have done especially well on the "Use my crock pot once a week." Today, I put in my third dinner - this week! On Monday, it was roast chicken, Tuesday was Chicken Noodle Soup and tonight we are having lasagna. Yummy.

That's it for my frags this week. What are fraggin' about?

Here's to Mrs. 4444!


  1. girls going dark in hair color is a trend here as well I would have been great in this era as I have my fathers hair of deep black

  2. I don't think I've seen a natural brunette in a long time!

    How frustrating his Eagle project roadblocks must be! We do get amazed at how "behind" some people are about email. I do look forward to hearing about his progress, though :)

    When is your crockpot blog starting? Please?

    P.S. I took the follower thing off my blog because it taunted me.

  3. Here they do their hair really dark underneath and blonde on top. Go figure!
    Your crock Pot is really getting a workout. I did beef stew in mine the night before last. We will be eating that for a few days, but it's okay...YUM!!! The lasagne sounds good.

  4. Hell, my followers go up and down as often as the weather!! And yes, I USED to get paranoid but not anymore. I have no idea why people come to the WWOW to read my stuff anyway so I figure I'm just lucky to have the people I do!!

    Hallie :)

  5. my blond daughter went brunette as freaks me out b/c she doesnt look the same...

    Oh and about the followers that happened to me as well and apparently a few others on may be a glitch because i refuse to believe anyone would unfollow me...LOL I kid I kid...I loose people all the time and yes it makes me insecure

  6. Every now and then I lose a follower and I always wonder who it is!

    Great job on the goals for 2010!

  7. good job on your resolution!

    well, I joined the make it TO the gym........

  8. I always wanted to be blond. When I was younger, my hair was almost black(naturally). As I aged, i had a lot of gray hair, and it was hard to dye...grays kept reappearing too soon. So I went blond...hey if my hair was going to be gray, it might as well be blonde. It has made me very happy. I give you a gold star on your committment to the crock pot. As for mine...I am blogging more, but i get a D for weight loss...I am struggling. but I get an A for effort, cause I hit the gym 4-5 times a week. Have a great week, hugs, Kathleen

  9. I wanted to use my crock pot more, too. Now where the heck did I put it?