Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Morning Musings - 2010!

Last night on facebook, my college roommate mentioned a security breach at Newark airport because it delayed her son's trip back to college. About 1 hour later, I was on and saw a "breaking news story" about it. Scooped by facebook! How funny! I have several friends with students in college. It amazes me how they have to go back at vastly different times. Her son headed back today, another friend's son has to be back on January 10th and another friend's daughter doesn't go back until 1/25/10! I wonder why the wide range? I don't know what colleges would have a 4 or 5 week break at Christmas. Seems a bit excessive to me.

My son is named after his two grandfathers. My father was named Van and my father-in-law is Edwin. We figured that Evan would make both sides happy. My only concern was that the same college roommate had a son at the time named Evan. I hated to copy her but we had picked out the name before she had her son AND we live hours apart AND we weren't really in contact that much. Her son was born quite premature but ended up surviving with no ill effects. I ended up sending her a note with the birth announcement saying that I hope she didn't mind that I borrowed the name but that I hoped my Evan would end up being a fighter like her Evan. She was fine with it. Another one of those memories that have been rolling around in my head lately and just popped out on the blog.

My son had a few friends over for New Year's Eve and the surrounding days. I always let them use my laptop in the family room to surf the net and go on facebook. I have never had an issue with it. This time, however, someone changed my chair adjustment and I about ended up on my a$$ on the floor when I tried to sit down. They also changed the font since so it is now itty-bitty and I can barely read it. What is up with that? I can't imagine making changes to someone else's computer area like that! I have changed the chair back but am having issues changing the font size back. Hopefully my son will read this blog sometime and fix it for me. I hate to admit that I am technology challenged but I truly am.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Here's to quick posts.


  1. I love how you "made" Evan's name! How nice of you to host a New Year's Eve sleepover every year! The nerve that they changed your seat level though! I can't stand when someone else drives my car and changes everything!
    Happy 2010! Hope you are all shoveled out!

  2. Push the control button and roll the scrollwheel on your mouse to fix your font size.

    The chair issue? Can't help you!

    We had always planned to name our daughter after my grandmother. Then six weeks before our daughter was born, our close friends had a baby and used "our" name. I agonized about what we should do, and then my MIL convinced me to use whatever name we wanted. We did. It bothered our friends greatly, but now almost 15 years later, I'm glad my MIL's advice won out.

  3. I think break length is partially determined by whether a school is on a trimester or semester system...

    One of my daughter's favorite stories is how she got her name. I love when baby naming has a history to it!

  4. Is it bad to admit that I laughed out loud on this post:) Those darn college kids:) PS. I'm on FB too. Email me and I will give you the name I am under:)

  5. my hubby's teenage son not only changed the font but totally changed his desktop...moving all the icons along the bottom instead of down the side and putting the toolbar down the side. hubby like'd to've never gotten it fixed!!