Friday, January 22, 2010

Fragmented Friday

Once again, it is time for Friday Fragments. You know how you take the unmatched socks that come out of the dryer and throw them in a pile to sort through later? Well, Friday Fragments is where we try to make sense out of all of the unmatched thoughts that are floating around our heads. Why do we do this? Because Mrs. 4444 says we can. Don't forget to go over and see who else is trying to match up thoughts today.

I can report a sighting of a VIP this week. No, no, I am not talking about the alleged photo of Tiger Woods - although this person has been about as elusive as Tiger lately. I got together for a Girls' Night Out with the one, the only, my BFF Mary Ellen. She hasn't fallen off the face of the earth. She is simply very busy with her (new) job and a killer commute. She is doing well and looked great. I know she misses everyone. It was great to see her and spend sometime talking, eating, and commiserating about life.

The latest on my son's eagle project is that the revisions have been made to his project plan and it has been resubmitted. They now require that the plan proposal be submitted in a binder. It cost me almost $6.00 to mail it out. The next step is getting an approval OR another revision. Either way, they refuse to mail it back and we will have to drive at least 45 minutes (one way) to pick it up. It will be nice when he gets to work on the actual project.

I have been taking karate lessons for several months now. I occasionally get a bruise but not all that often even though we block pretty hard. Last weekend, I was sitting at my home desk minding my own business when two binders fell off a shelf and hit me in the hand. You got it - I have a huge bruise on my hand. How ironic is that?

I am still doing pretty well on my New Year's Resolutions. I used my crockpot twice so fair this week and have everything ready for a chicken soup for tomorrow. In addition, I am doing better on not agonizing over decisions. I actually booked a cruise without debating for days and days. The day my husband and I got verification of the time off of work, I booked it. We head out on 2/27/10.

Did you read where Holiday Inn is "testing" human bed warmers in 3 hotels in England?
They will have staff members - dressed in a one piece fleece PJs and with their hair covered will slip between your sheets and warm the bed up for you. Can you imagine? Yikes. This seems like a recipe for disaster to me! How will the timing work? Will a guest be waiting their in their PJs (or lack thereof) ready to jump into bed? I wonder how they came up with idea!

That's it for today. Have a great weekend.

Here's to randomness.


  1. Love you FF-good job!
    Missing ME, so good to hear she is doing well!
    You're my hero, karate lessons...nice!
    Human Bed Warmers? no doubt a man came up with this one... yikes is right!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That bed warmer thing is creepy. My mom used to use her hair dryer to warm her sheets.

  3. Bed Warmer?! No thanks! Well, unless he's cute and likes to cuddle :)

  4. I don't know about human bed warmers. What happened to the good old fashioned hot water bottle warmer?
    Oh please tell Mary Ellen hi for me! I miss her, but I knew her absence was for a good reason. She must stop by her blog someday and tell us how she is!
    You are doing good at the new year's resolution. I have only used my crock pot once this year. For beef stew...YUM!

  5. The human bed warmer thing freaks me out. I'd rather have a cold bed...

  6. HUMAN BED WARMERS????? Ewww. That just is WRONG!

    So glad to hear that Mary Ellen is well! And that you guys got to get together!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet yesterday! I have to agree--human bed warmers? thanks.

    If you're using your crockpot more, there is a blog where a woman used her crockpot for an entire year ( If you've never stopped by to see it, you should. She's got some great recipes! We're a crockpot family on the weekends and use her site all the time. : )

  8. Thanks for the comment about ME. I've been wondering about her.
    Yeah, I heard about the human bed warmers.....I'd like to book Johnny Depp for the job, please.
    Hope your hand is better. Doncha hate those kind of accidents? Like you said, sitting around minding your own business and all.

  9. Human bed-warmers? I like it, but it is kind of weird.

    Tell MaryEllen I said Hi.

    Kyle has completed his Eagle project, and I've been hounding him like crazy to finish the write-up so that I can scratch that off MY list! It ain't over til it's over...yikes.