Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is It Just Me,,, edition two

Once again, I am taggin' along with someone else. I never realized what a follower-joiner- inner person I am. The amazing Miss Hallie over at The Wonderful World of Wieners does a gig on Wednesday where the filters come flying off and we let you in on all of those things we are thinking. You know, the thoughts that make you wonder "Is just me thinking this?".

Is it just me or do you all join me in thinking that Hallie is wonderful for doing everything she does to make everyone think about organ donation? Make sure you jump over to her site and check out her latest giveaway.

Is it just me or do you expect the "2nd day air" shipping option to get to you two days after it was shipped? I paid extra to have a package shipped to me this way. It was shipped on Thursday, December 31st. I still don't have it. It is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I know there was a holiday and a weekend in there but still. This should be called "One day less than a week air".

Is it just me or is the times that you don't want to go exercise but somehow manage to drag yourself there the times that you actually feel the best during your workout? I take karate and had class tonight. All day, I had a headache and a sore back. I was really suffering and wasn't sure if I would survive class. However, my husband was testing for his 2nd degree brown belt and I wanted to be there to support him. I explained to my Sensei that I wasn't feeling well but that I would give my best effort. By halfway thru class, I realized that my back was feeling better and that my headache was 90% better! Ahh. The benefit of exercise.

Is it just me or did you ever wonder why there wasn't a public outcry against Nathalee Holloway's school for not providing better supervision? My son is going on a school trip in April and they - and the parents - had to sign a form stating that there would be no drinking even if they are old enough. This was a school functuion. The bar that she was in was a known issue. Her step-brother apparently told her not to go to that particular bar. Where were the chaperones when this was going on?

That is it for today, folks. Have a great day!

Here's to Is it just me!


  1. Hallie is awesome. I agree.

    And the shipping thing- totally with you on that one!

    I'm just starting back into my exercise regiment and I keep reminding myself of that fact as a way to keeping myself motivated.

    The Nathalee H thing was and is so scary and no one ever seemed to really take it all very seriously.

  2. Yup. I agree with everything! And Hallie is going to come stalk you so she can kiss you for being so nice to her!!!

  3. I so LOVE me some Hallie I also LOVED your comment... your my magazineline.com winner I can not find your email can you email me so i can send your gift code

  4. Ok. I must be over tired. Cuz I actually got a little teary reading this!! WTH?? I am such a wuss.

    Seriously, thanks for the kind words. I feel like I'm not doing enough to raise awareness. Determined to figure out how to do more.

    And thank you for doing this today even though I didnt do my normal IS IT JUST ME OR...post. Wanted to but felt like I needed to stick with my week of contest plan. Feels odd not to do it!!

    And I'm thrilled you are a follower-joiner...your lists are awesome!!


  5. I hate shipping things!

    usually I just have to force myself to go exercise....