Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twofer Tuesday - The "why bother" edition

We signed up for a cruise and as an incentive the cruise line included a "special bonus" coupon book with over $400. in savings!!! Yeah, right. We received our coupon book yesterday. It is full of coupons for things that 99% of cruisers probably won't use. There are maybe two coupons in there that I could even imagine using and one is for a discount that I have seen on every cruise that I have taken in recent years. I didn't expect anything different but it does make me wonder if these sort of things are really successful. I know I didn't book our cruise based on receiving a booklet of useless discounts but I wonder if other people did. I just don't know why the cruise line even bothers to print them up.

I am on our boy scout troop's committee and we had a meeting last night. One thing that we discussed was an up-coming spaghetti dinner that we are having to benefit a local family. The weather report for the the night the dinner is scheduled is questionable and we have a significant amount of perishable food being donated. We all decided that it would be better to cancel the dinner now before the perishable items are purchased or cooked and reschedule for a later date. We were concerned that the people and businesses would not be able to donate the items twice and we didn't want items to spoil. The person in charge of the event was unable to attend the meeting but asked for us to discuss it. When she was notified of our decision, she disagreed and has informed us that we are going ahead as scheduled. It makes me wonder - why did we bother to discuss the issue if she was simply going to do what she wanted? Here's hoping the weather reports are wrong and we can pull it off.

Here's to wondering why!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. ahhh...I remember well those committee meetings for the Scouts. At times I felt I was in the midst of a hen fight, several times standing up and asking we behave as caring parents.
    too funny about the coupons...yep, I've always wanted to save a bundle on something I will never use. Of course they are non-transferable!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I hope the weather cooperates for your dinner. You could have skipped that meeting, I guess.

  3. I think your leader might be my pastor. Same committee/discussion outlook.

    Aren't coupon books like that a joke? We get them periodically around here (spend $10,000 in new window and we'll throw in this coupon book worth $1,000,000.) Know what's sadder? I fall for it every time.

  4. thanks for reminding me why I skip meetings.....