Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444 is my Favorite Friday Blogger because she gives us permission to be random. She wants us to empty all of the clutter out of our minds so we can enjoy the weekend with clear head and renewed focus. What a gal! Make sure you check out all of the other people who are looking forward to a decluttered weekend.

We have watched every season of Survivor and I am enjoying the new season. I am surprised, however, how a couple of my favorite heroes are really annoying me this time around. I liked both James and Rupert the past two times they won but this time, I am tired of the whining and fighting. I didn't like Boston Rob his first season but enjoyed him (and Amber, of course) in the All Star season and LOVE his play so far this year. I am surprised - make that stunned - that the Villains realize that they would be toast without him. I can't say that I ever thought about him as brilliant before but he is amazing with his ability to solve puzzles. I will confess that I went online and searched for "spoilers". So far, they are 100% on the first two kicked off. All I can say is that I hope it isn't true because I am not wild about how it is coming down. Just sayin'.

We have caught a little bit of the Olympics. Boy, Shaun White is one amazing snowboarder. He was so much better than everyone else. It was like watching a professional basketball player versus the small-town varsity team. I had forgotten how much chaos goes on in short track skating - and how much luck seems to factor in. Hard to believe that you could train for 4 years and end up losing because the person next to you takes you out. The Agony of Defeat.

Anyone else remember watching The Wide World of Sports? I loved that show growing up. My father was a sports fan and we would watch it every weekend. Jim McKay announcing "The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat". Every week, the agony was illustrated by a clip of a ski jumper wiping out. Don't worry folks, no foreigners were injured in the making of the clip. The skier walked away.

I read a ton when I was younger. I loved mysteries but also read many biographies of a wide variety of people. I actually read Jim McKay's biography. I remember when he crossed network lines to broadcast the Olympics for another network because they realized that to many of us, he was the Olympics. Nowadays, it is Bob Costa who is the face of the Olympics.

Did you read where the college professor who killed others in her department because she didn't get tenure had killed her brother years ago? There are allegations of a cover-up. I can see the law suits coming!

That is it for today. Have a great Friday.

Here's to Mrs 4444!


  1. I loved Wide World of Sports! And I shuddered every week when that skier wiped out.

    That professor must have left lots of people who knew her brother and suspected that what she did was intentional. That would be a heavy burden to live with all these years. These shootings are so frequent now that it's simply terrifying.

  2. I love Fridays, too, and am a huge Survivor fan. I'm glad I haven't checked the spoilers, because I'll hate it if my faves are high up on the list. Of course, I have so many favorites this time, it's kind of hard to pick one to root for.

    Don't tell anybody, but I'm plotting my return to Blog World. Stay tuned.

  3. So I don't actually watch Survivor, but I watched the Amazing Race, and although I kind of hate to admit it, I have a huge crush on Boston Rob! I think it's the accent :)

    Also, I gave you an award! Check it out over at my place!

  4. Wow! That's a blast from the past!! The Wide World of Sports!! Too funny!!

    And yeah, when I heard that the loony professor had "accidentally" killed her brother years ago, my first though was that there was going to be lots said on that topic! And did you hear about her going crazy on some lady in a restaurant, hitting her, all over a booster seat/high chair? YIKES!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jim McKay truly was the Olympics. You're right.
    AHA.....saw M.E.'s comment.....and she's telling you to keep it under wraps! HA!

  6. I watched Wide World of Sports every Saturday, one of my favorite shows.

    I also enjoy a good biography. And my love of mysteries started with Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden.

  7. I saw Mary Ellen's comment too...the jig is up!
    Wild Wold of Sports...hadn't thought about that in YEARS!!!
    Loving my Kindle...can't put it down!

  8. I love Friday Fragments, too. They are so fun to read.

    There are some crazy-butt people out there!

    Visiting from Friday Fragments!

  9. what gets me about that prof isn't the shooting of her brother cuz who knows what REALLY happened there....but rather the much witnessed assult on another mother becaue she'd gotten the LAST BOOSTER SEAT at a restaurant.....

    this is a disturbed person!!

  10. I loved Jim McKay on that show and could hear his voice when I started reading your fragment.

    Yeah, I read that about the professor, too. Scary history there...

    Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  11. I am really enjoyng the olympics....Shaun White, Bodie Miller, and all the others. Yes, I watched the Olympics when I was young, and waited patiently for the "agony of the defeat". I was just mesmerized by that skier falling off the platform. And I loved Jim's just not the same without him. Hope you have a wonderful week Hugs, Kathleen

  12. Funny, I was just telling my girls about that jumper that wiped out on his way down the ski jump yesterday! I would grimace every time I saw it!

    Lovin' the Olympics!