Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fragments

Once again, it is our favorite day of the week. It is Friday and that means it is time to put all of the bits and pieces of thoughts together and try to make sense of them. Why do I do this? Because the lovely woman over at Half-Past Kissin' Time tells me that I can. The lovely Mrs. 4444 is our leader and our coach in this process. Make sure you check out everyone else's bits and pieces!

I love my karate class. I get tired, I get sore, I get bruised and, sometimes, I get frustrated. However, I look forward to that 1 1/2 hour session every Tuesday and Thursday. How did this happen? Darn if I know. I don't like exercise and I am incredibly out of shape but I love karate. Strange but true.

Not only did I get a phone call from a stranger (well, as much of a stranger as you can get in a small town), I have also received email, facebook comments and in-person comments thanking me for my letter to the editor this week.

My son has re-submitted his Eagle Project. This is the third submission. Please keep your fingers crossed for him. It is a great project that will benefit the school. It is something that he cares about and something he wants to do. Please let the approval come SOON!

My co-worker gave me several paperback books recently and I just finished one. It was one of the few times in the past year that I read something not on my kindle and I HATED IT. It was bulky, it didn't stay open as easily and it didn't automatically save my place. I was hesitant to get a kindle because I wasn't sure I would like reading from an electronic gadget but I was wrong. Not only do I like it, I now know that I prefer it. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I see where they have just made a 120' inflatable condom for World Aids Day. It is actually a hot air balloon (of course) and is the "goodyear blimp" of condoms. It is starting a world tour. I understand the need for awareness but is that a discussion that I want to have with a small child when we see a hot air balloon float by? Reminds me of watching "The Amazing Race" with my son when he was quite young. They always give the teams a "tag-line" such as "NFL wives" or "Harlam Globetrotters". This one season the tag line was "Dating 11 years and still virgins". Of course, my son pipes up with "What are virgins?". Being of an age where we didn't want to get into the sex talk, we ignored him. The next time they mentioned it, he once again said "What are virgins?" My husband stumbled over his words to say "It's an astrological sign."

That is all I have for today. Have a great weekend! Don't forget to check out all of the other Fragmenters.

Here's to Mrs. 4444!


  1. Condoms are just big balloons anyway. My mom, an English as a second language person, told me one day her friend just moved into a condom.

  2. astrological sign...hahahahah. classic.

  3. astrological sign....that was SMOOTH!!

    my kids are young enough to just think it's a balloon and not ask, but I"m old enough to be disgusted. that and the fact that condoms doesn't stop AIDS, abstinence does.

    I saw for the first time where a kindle would be attractive when riding the bike at the gym...otherwise, I"m all for musty paper.

  4. I really want a Kindle, too. Glad to hear you like it more than books!

    Good luck to your soon, I hope he gets approved soon!!

  5. Okay, now you have really convinced heck with a new back door so there are no drafts in the winter...I am getting a Kindle with my income tax return! (I think I will have enough left over for the door)
    Now I am curious...what exactly did you write to the editor? Can you share it with us? Or is it one of those things where you'd have to be there to appreciate it?
    My fingers are crossed for an approval on that Eagle Project. They really shouldn't be giving him the run around like this. Like you say, it will benfit the school and perfectionism from the wrong place could just take the wind out of his sails. I am hoping that will not be the case!
    I'm thinking that someone didn't give enough thought to the sight of a giant condom circumventing the world in ~honor~ of World Aids Day. There will be many, many aware people after this, but there are going to be a lot more conversations happening with the "not ready for the 'talk' yet set".
    Thanks for the fun blog today!

  6. Your son's Eagle project problems sound so frustrating! I hope everything goes smoothly for him from now on.

    The condom balloon strikes me as good for a laugh and will no doubt do well as an awareness raising tool. And condoms most certainly do protect against HIV along with a whole bunch of other STIs, abstinence education on the other hand simply tends to result in increased rates of unsafe sex.