Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

On Saturday, we had to meet my brother and family in Portland for an errand. After lunch, we decided to venture a little further north and visit Maine's most famous store, L. L. Bean. Before venturing into the store, we decided to check out the outlet store to see if we could score any bargains. My husband and I were both looking for pants. I found a pair of jeans marked down from $44.50 to $19.95! That was just the beginning, however. We had a $10.00 gift certificate from buying Christmas gifts there PLUS $30.00 in credits for using our LL Bean credit card. My husband found 2 pairs of high end socks and I got my jeans - and all we had to pay in cash was less than 50 cents! Yeah!

My son is working on his eagle badge for Boy Scouts. He has a project picked out and approved by the local level. He has been trying for over a month to get it approved on the district level. It was rejected once for lack of details. He made all of the corrections (after we drove 45 minutes each way to pick up the rejected on AND spent almost $6.00 to send it out again) and he just got a phone call tonight saying that, while he addressed ALL of the issues originally raised, they have thought about it some more and they have more questions. This time, they are going to let him re-submit the project by email until it gets approved and they quickly went over the changes they want by phone. Unfortunately, what they want changed wasn't given in great detail so he is going to be shooting in the dark. He had to call back to get clarification of one item on his "to do" list only to find that it wasn't what the leader called it. My son is so frustrated that he is ready to quit. I understand the purpose of the project and having to do all this but this is past ridiculous. Some of the additional details they want don't even make sense to us. What makes it even more frustrating is that this means that this will delay the project at least 2 weeks.

That's it for today. Have a great Monday.

Here's to bargains.


  1. Aaaah, LL Bean, one of the little things that I miss from Maine. We lived in south Portland, and Freeport, was such a nice daytrip. Though, I never got that good of a bargain! Good for you!

  2. The Scouts sure have found a way to lessen your son's motivation - shame on them!

    Maybe THEY should email their suggestions, so you have theirs in writing first.

  3. Sounds like politics at its best in the BSA! How absolutely frustrating for you all. Hope someone with common sense steps in to handle the approval process at their end. We find that communication gets muddier the farther removed we are from the troop. Communication always is just fuzzy enough to confuse everyone.

  4. I have saved soooo much money using my LLBean charge card. It's great.
    Once again, the people in charge think it's cool or something making tons of hoops to have to jump through, probably for no good reason. Frustrating. This is the way my son saw much of college. Jumping through ridiculous hoops.Good luck with the badge.

  5. LL Bean is waay cool. how awesome that you live close to their store...course I don't pay tax because they DON'T have a store in Texas (and I just can't imagine why not! hahaha).

    But I've worn out my slippers....need to buy new ones soon!

    frankly, I've NEVER understood the whole Eagle Scout thing..