Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is it just me........

On Wednesday, I jump on Hallie's bandwagon and join in with "Is It Just Me...." where we share those thoughts where you wonder if anyone else thinks the way you do. Who is Hallie you ask? Hallie is an amazing person who has done an incredible job raising organ donation awareness. When she isn't out there reminding us that "you can't take it with you so leave it behind and let someone else use it", she is a loving mother, wife, daughter with a wicked good (Maine-speak for really really great) sense of humor. Her son is deploying overseas in a few days so make sure you hop on over and leave her a comment to cheer her up.

Is it just me
or is one of the most under-appreciated things in our society the sacrifice that our military families make? Seriously, our soldiers would not be able to serve if it wasn't for their wives/husbands/mothers and other loved ones at home who keep things going in their absences. There is a family here in Kittery with 4 children. The mother doesn't drive and whenever her husband was away on an aircraft carrier, she walked everywhere - and I mean, everywhere! She would walk miles and miles and miles for a meeting, appointment or grocery shopping. She probably put on 30 or more miles a week. Seriously. So, the next time you thank a soldier - don't forget to thank their family also.

Is it just me or do you have the urge to sing everytime you get to the "dot com" part of a web address? Remember the ads for Expedia? I have that little jingle "dot com" stuck in my head and I always want to sing that part of every web address. What? This one is just me? Oh. nevermind.

Is it just me or is The Good Wife with Julianna Margulies a great television show? I love the courtroom scenes. Also, Julianna is an actress that I have enjoyed for several years. I thought she was awesome on "ER". The fact that most of her scenes had George Clooney in them may have had something to do with that, of course. Her farewell scene on "ER" where George Clooney showed up for a surprise cameo remains one of my favorite tv moments.

Is it just me or is it getting late and you are going to be late for work? Whoops. That is just me. I have to dash. Have a great Wednesday!

Here's to Hallie and her family. Thanks for your service EVERYONE!


  1. You are so sweet. And yep, I got teary. I am like a freakin' faucet lately with the tears.

    NEVER wanted to sing that DOT COM song when I type an address but now can't get the damn thing out out of my head!!!! THANKS!!

    Your linky on my blog wasn't working this morning. When I clicked on it, it said your blog didn't exist. Thought you were locking me out!!

    You might want to link up again. :)

    Never watched that show - might check it out!

    Have an awesome day Jonel.

    When are we meeting??? I will need people to help keep me sane once CJ leaves. :)


  2. Service people are a very special group of people. Thank heavens for them!

    dot commmmmmmmmm

  3. WHY did you put that jingle in my brain? It's going to be a long day of singing, "!"

  4. I sing the dot com jingle ALL THE TIME! I also sing the Yahoo! jingle every time I log into my email (Yahooooo-ooo). You definitely are not alone!

  5. military families are close to my heart and do deserve lots and lots of adolation.

    as for the others....sorry, it's just you...or at least just not me, but that might have something to do with me not having TV.