Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to my son.....

Fifteen years ago, my life changed forever. After a very difficult delivery and 10 days early, you showed up. I always said that the delivery from he** gave me “Evan from Heaven” and that has been so true.

I am so proud that you have always been a loving son. Hardly a day goes by that you don’t say “I love you” one or more times. As you said on-line, how many teens have ‘I love my parents’ on their facebook page? In addition, you are very caring towards your other relatives and your friends. Your empathy towards others is a wonderful quality.

I am so proud that you have always kept us on our toes. It has been an education trying to keep up with you. With your razor-sharp mind, you often process information twice as fast as me and often come up with a conclusion that had never occurred to me. I love the way you try to see both sides and come up with a win-win situation for everyone.

I am so proud that you strive for excellence in things that matter to you. You are a wonderful student and I can't believe I have never had to bug you to do your homework. I know your grades are important to you and the result has certainly been worth it.

I am so proud that you honor all of your commitments. Never once have you quit a sport or activity or given up. That will serve you well in the coming years.

I am so proud that you think ahead and plan for your future. I think it was in first grade when you first started talking about going to college! I know your plans will come to fruition and your future is bright.

I am so proud that you stand up for yourself and the things that you believe in. From when you insisted that we "ask the little guy what he wanted to do" at about age three to the high school freshman who advocates with the high school principal on what he needs for classes, you have never been afraid to speak up.

I am so proud that you are a leader and not a follower. While I may not always agree in the ways that you show your individuality (IE skinny jeans), I always admired you for not following along with the crowd.

I am so proud that you are my son and I know that the next 15 years will bring you many great things. Happy Birthday with love from your mother. I love you as much as you love me!


  1. Happy Birthday Evan!
    What a wonderful son you have been to your parents!

  2. he sounds great, tell me your parenting secrets

  3. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son!

  4. Happy Birthday, Evan! I can't believe you're 15 already. It seems like only yesterday you were just a tiny baby (although I know you probably hate it when I say that!)

    Congratulations, Jonel, for raising such a wonderful young man.

  5. Sounds like your hard work as a parent is coming back to you tenfold. Congratulations :)