Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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Sara over at hosts a gathering every Wednesday for all of the talented photographers in Bloggyland to showcase their pictures. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone but I tag along. They haven't figured out that I don't belong. Go over to her site and check out the really talented people and, please keep my secret!!

Today I am posting a photo that I didn't take but it is an old family photo of my grandmother. She was a very strong and elegant English lady who lived to her nineties. Her husband died very young and left her with 10 children to raise. With the help of the older boys, she did a wonderful job.

Here's to strong women!


  1. Very cool!!! And I bet she raised all those boys while she wore dresses!!! (Love that time era!) Family history can be so cool!

  2. Great photo. You definitely come from good stock. And I happen to know you're a great photographer, too.

  3. where did she live? you mentioned she was English, did she live in England or America??

    gotta love fabulous women.

  4. My Grandmother was from Liverpool England but come to America as a youth. She always kept her English accent amd also many of her English habits like being a lifelong tea drinker.

  5. To strong women! That is a great photo.