Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fragments?

It is Friday and another shot of of Friday Fragments. Friday Fragments is where we bloggers have permission to be as random as we want to. Why? Because Mrs. 4444 over at says we can! Make sure you check out Mrs. 444's site to see what everyone else is pondering about today.

On my way to work, I pass under an electrical wire that suddenly has a pair of sneakers hanging off of it. You know how people tie them together and they hang off the wire by their laces? What amazes me, however, is that these sneakers appear to be brand new leather sneakers. What would possess someone to do that? "Gee, I just spent $80. on these sneakers. Why don't I throw them up on this wire so everyone can enjoy them?" What is up with that?

It is another rainy day in Maine. Today's rain, however, is not a gentle rain that makes is sometimes enjoyable on hot summer days. No, today the heavens have taken their hose and put it on "hard rain" and pointed it towards Maine. They are forecasting 3 inches of rain today. Three inches!! We are going to be floating away. I walked the 200 feet from my car to the office at 8:30 and I am still damp 90 minutes later. I got soaked in the 2 minutes it took me to get into the office. The parking lot has such a large puddle in it that I warned my boss that the tax assessor will probably start taxing him on "waterfront property". Yee gads. Will it ever end?

My son is going to be entering his sophomore year in high school in September. He loves music and plays the bass clarinet. Our high school band has been in a rebuilding process for the past several years. We were thrilled last fall when the band director announced that the band would be participating in the Christmas parade for Portsmouth NH - and that they were going to be paid! We were further impressed that the band director decided that the band members needed to purchase jackets so they would look more professional. I wrote the check and waited excitedly to see my son's new jacket. The day he got it, he called and seemed down. I asked about his new jacket and got an "it's ok". Hmmm. What was with that? When I got home, I immediately saw the problem. The band director had picked out a jacket that is virtually identical to a jacket that I own. Mine has my employers name on it and his has the school name on it. I could easily wear mine to band functions and people would think I was "with the band". What high school boy wants to have matching jackets with his mother? What are the odds that the band director would pick out that particular style?

My son is many things but organized isn't one of them. Last night, we spent time looking for the paperwork on his summer reading project for English. It is He sent a message to a friend to get the details because he needs to read a book and write a paper. Any suggestions on how to get a teenage boy more organized?

What random thoughts are keeping you up at night?

Here's to fragments!


  1. You know, I've always wondered about shoes on the power lines. Why?

    I wish we could get three inches of rain. Our lawn is very crunchy. :-)

  2. Where I grew up, it was your FRIENDS who grabbed your sneakers and threw them up there. I can still remember seeing the electric workers go through town after Labor Day with their ladder truck, taking them all down.

    Gee, and you thought, since you had a boy, you could forget about matching clothes!!

    I am the last person who could advise anyone about organizing boys. Really.

  3. You name the place and time and I'm there to meet you with bells on! Ok, not really bells but maybe a kick ass smile and a cute COACH bag!! :)

    How cool about the Chauncey thing. My Chauncey bites though. Sometimes. But not MET...he has always had a thing for her. :)


  4. I agree with Mary Ellen, someone probably stole the shoes and threw them up there.

  5. We had some major heavy rains the other day... ALL day it downpoured!!!

    I see sneakers like that all the time - I dont get the point of it myself...

  6. I hate to rain on parades...I heard...The shoes hanging from wires (here in California at least) mean the nearest building to those shoes is where people can buy drugs. I was shocked when I heard that, but there are other things that have shocked me more.

    Good luck with that organization thing...I would not be one to ask!

  7. The first thing I thought when you said the shoes were new is that they were taken off of someone unwillingly. Actually, that was the second thing I thought, the first was that there were drugs being sold.

  8. perhaps the thrower of the shoes was not the owner of the shoes?

    boys organized?? in high school?? what are you drinking/smoking?????

  9. You know, I always start things out with good intentions of being organized and can only keep it up for a short time. It's the *keeping* organized that's so hard. I think everyone has to find what works for them... good luck!

  10. In my neck of the woods, shoes on the power line are an indicator there is a drug dealer living close by. Where they came up with that one is beyond me. So much for calling cards.

    Fostering organization in young boys is a near impossible task. It will come in time. I think being in boy scouts helps, especially when they get to be troop leaders, etc. I know your son is in scouts - mine was too - and it was such a wonderful experience for our whole family - and I do believe we may have each come out of it a little more organized. Good luck and keep us posted!

  11. Three inches?! That is CRAZY!!
    Maybe a bully threw the shoes up there??
    Good for you--Those band jackets are EXPENSIVE!!
    Sorry it took me so long to get here this week!!