Friday, July 10, 2009

Framented Friday

Friday Fragments?

It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. This party is hosted by the one. the only Mrs. 4444 over at Check her out as she always makes me smile and she has links to all of the party goers and their personal fragments.

I have been working on a big project at work for a new salesperson for the past several months. His presentation is due on Monday. This week has been challenging because we have been in the "finish up" mode - and he has decided to be out of the office for 3 days. The week before your biggest presentation since you have worked somewhere is probably not the best time to be out of the office that much. At least, not if you want to keep the rest of the staff happy. Just sayin'.

It is our second day in a row of sunny weather. It is supposed to be 78 degrees today. It is helping my mood improve - which is a very good thing if you read the above paragraph.

The downside of the two days of sunny weather is that the pollen is back and my allergies are acting up quite badly. I am popping decongestant like they are m&m's to try to get rid of this sinus headache.

My son is going away to band camp for a week starting tomorrow morning. I love the fact that he can go because he is very passionate about music. I will admit, however, that I am going to miss him. Our house always seems so quiet when he is gone for any period of time. It is hard to believe that in just a few years, he will be gone away to college.

Tomorrow is hubby's birthday and he is going to be as old as me! One benefit of our son, the vegetarian, being away is that we can go out to a rib place for his birthday dinner. Yum! There is this little (and I mean little!) rib place in Portsmouth, NH that has amazing ribs. We are BBQ people and it is a lip smackin', finger lickin' type of place.

My hubby and I met when we were both college students at the University of Maine. We were shocked to find out that our fathers were both from Mississippi. They were both in the Navy and met Maine women during their tours of duty. The women won the "where should we live" battles and both of these southern boys with wonderful drawls settled in the cold climate of Maine. In all of my growing up years in Maine, I had never met someone else who had been from Mississippi until I met my husband and his father. Strangely enough, our fathers even grew up about 30 miles apart. Talk about a small world! I have never been to Mississippi and I hope to travel there sometime in the future.

I work in insurance and that is obviously not a creative industry. I am trying to expand my creativity and that is one reason that I have started this blog. I am also thinking about starting to make jewelry. I think it would be creative but also my love for symmetry would be a benefit. I love to give "made-with-love" gifts for Christmas and I think jewelry would be great for my nieces. Someone just pointed me in the direction of Youtube for help on how to make it so I am hoping to be on my way soon.

Here's to Fragmented Thoughts!


  1. one band camp...?

  2. Okay, first of all, I'm giggling over what Becca said.

    Making jewelry sounds fun. I love homemade jewelry (hint, hint)!

    I'm feeling the pollen a bit, too, but I'll take pollen over mold any day.

    You will miss him, but he's have such a good time. You should schedule lots of grown-up fun while he's gone. I'm available, by the way!

  3. Well, a Happy Birthday to your husband; hope you both enjoy the ribs!

    We're expecting two days of no rain this weekend. I hope it's true.

    Have a lovely weekend~

  4. Love fragnmented thoughts!

    Enjoy all the MEATY ribs for hubs birthday!!

    & 78 degrees - in July? Where the heck do you live? that sounds perfect!

  5. I have a friend with an unusual rating system for BBQ places. She uses it to decide where to go and says it never fails her. First, does it have an animal (preferably a pig) on the sign. If not, skip it. Second, is there more than one pig? The more the better. Finally, is the pig doing something? If yes, then it's a MUST GO! On of her favorite places (mine, too) is in Nashville, TN, and has multiple pigs playing on a slide.

    PS: Happy birthday to your husband.

  6. Making jewelry is fun. Handmade pieces can mean so much more than mass produced!

    Two days of 78? Wow. Come on down to Texas for some heat! 78 sounds fabulous.

    Happy Friday {fragments}!

  7. have fun learning to make jewerly! there are many books out that'll give you pointers!

    jump in and have fun!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your husband, and enjoy your BBQ!

    I like making jewelry, it can be quite relaxing! Have fun with your new hobby =)

  9. LOL at Becca's comment! ;)

    Happy B-Day to your hubby - enjoy those lip-smackin' ribs! :)

    Have fun with your jewelry making venture - it's quite relaxing and people love the hand made stuff over the mass-produced stuff for sure! ;)

    Happy FF a day late! :)

  10. Ribs... love 'em. I had my recent fix at my brother's in Ft. Worth on 4th of July. He smoked up a bunch of ribs and sausage, made up his own sauce, friends and family brought the rest of the fixin's and we all 'pigged' out.

    Being new to your blog... how did two bbq rib loving folks managed to have a vegetarian son? Not a bad thing, by any means, it just seems unusual. I think I would have to have a date night every month or so just to get my meat fix.

    Enjoy the cool weather. It was 104 real temp. today and triple digit temperatures are going to go on for at least a week the way things look.

    I hope you all have a very good birthday rib dinner.


  11. I like the fragmented thoughts idea. My posts are usually so short they equal one fragmented thought each time. Here's my fragmented comments:

    Ribs--Yum! I just might have to have me some of those next time I'm out.

    Our weather has finally warmed up. Our summer's are quite mild and usually it's in the 70's and 80's with a few week's exceptions in August when it actually gets in the 90s.

    My birthday is a couple months ahead of my husbands so he's always teasing me about being so much older than him.

    Good luck with the project!

  12. Happy Birthday to Mr. justsayin!
    My husband's birthday is this Wednesday and he will become 3 months older than me.
    The SUN is rather nice,no?

  13. What an amazing coincidence about Mississippi! It was just meant to be :)

  14. You'll have so much fun making jewelry...I get in those creative-needs funks too and I get all these huge ideas...poor hubby, I know I drive him crazy! Once you get going, check out the etsy shops options for your can sell stuff right from there! Hope your weekend was good in spite of missing your son - just think of the music he'll want to share when he gets home - no more quiet!