Friday, July 3, 2009

I am Friday Fragmenter....

Friday Fragments?

I am always on the outlook for great ideas and one that I am following along with is Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments. Make sure you check her out at There are links to all the fun people who participate in this event.

What is Friday Fragments? It is the home for all those random thoughts that seem to pop up at the oddest times.

I think I need to write up a parents' "How to" manual for the baseball team next year. The coach just emailed everyone to thank them for the season and one of the parents (who had been at one or two games and barely paid attention) hit reply to all and slammed the coach. Not sure what he thinks he is going to accomplish by that. Chapter one in my manual will be "How to ask the coach questions in a polite and respectful manner." Chapter two will be "Keep your mouth shut until you have all of the information." Chapter three will be "Coaches are volunteers and deserve your appreciation," Chapter four will be "I hate to break it to you but your son might not be the best player this town has ever seen."

We have had so much rain here in Maine that people are actually forgetting that there have been a few (very few) nice days sprinkled in. Last Sunday, my Mother-in-Law told my husband that the weather all weekend had been bad. I reminded her that the day before had been nice. She denied it. Hello, we live next door to each other. If it was nice at my house, it was nice at theirs!

I tried a new vegetarian recipe this week for "Cowboy Beans" in my crockpot. They were basically BBQ Baked Beans. I am not a huge Baked Bean fan but these were yummy and so very easy. We took them to a boy scout cookout to share. People were actually scraping the botton of the crockpot and my son, who is a very picky eater, had two large servings. Definitely a recipe I will use again.

I love the fact that Carnival Cruise Line has a count-down feature for cruises that you have booked. If I am having a bad day at work, I just log onto their website and see how many days I have left before vacation. It only takes a few seconds but it puts a smile on my face. (49 days to go!)

What is it about movies that puts me to sleep? I can be wide awake and as soon as a movie starts, I get sleepy. I even fall asleep in movie theaters on a regular basis! My hubby and son are planning on going to the movies this afternoon but I am thinking I must might skip it and stay home and take a nap. Might as well save the price of a ticket!

Have you noticed that on websites where you have to put in the "validation" code (that squished phrase or numbers string) in order to proceed, they often have a button to click on to get an audio version for the "sight-impaired"? How do the "sight-impaired" people know to click there if they can't see the button and instructions? The instruction font is usually smaller than the font in the validation code.

I really enjoy Facebook and the fact that I have been able to reconnect with many old friends. I don't understand, however, the virtual gifts, food fights or hugs etc. that people insist on sending me . At any point in time, I could have 50 or more of those requests and then I have to go in and delete them. Two days later, I will have 50 more. Enough is enough, people!

Thought for the day - whining never makes things improve. It just annoys the people around you.

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable 4th of July!

Here's to holiday weekends!


  1. Facebook is awesome for connecting with old friends. I now keep in touch with friends from even elementary. It's wild.

    I wonder the same thing about the audio validation codes.

    Happy F.F.!

  2. I have never noticed that button, now I can't wait to leave a comment where the captcha code is required.

    Have a great holiday weekend.

  3. I might be one of the sight impaired. Sometimes I use that feature just because they squish those letters in so tightly that I can't decode them.
    I'm a human being. I am, really. Even if I can't read the code - haha. ;)

    Good point. How does a (truly)sight impaired person see where to push. But then again, if they can't see the button, then how are they reading the blogs?

    It's a strange and complicated world.

  4. I always wonder why they have braille on the drive up ATM too.
    I have also used the audio button to figure out the deformed letters.

  5. OK - you're my new favorite friend ;) You put me to 100!! I'm so excited!!! Thanks blog buddy!!! Glad you found me - I'm going to follow you as well - love finding new great blogs!

  6. Happy Independence Day!

    maybe your MIL is like Eeyore...carries her own stormcloud with her... ;-)

  7. Enjoyed these fragments--starting with the note to parents. And when you write that, could you also add one to the parent whose son wore his pants so low at the mall yesterday that it was nauseating? (she was with him) Thanks.

    I don't care that much for plain beans, but I do love the jacked-up versions with bacon, etc. yum! Thanks for this idea-I think I'll make it and post it on my cooking blog.

    So with you on the Facebook "presents" thing. Seriously-I will NEVER send you a plant or candy or anything. I don't feel bad ignoring them, though, because I'm pretty sure the people sending them just send them to their whole address books.

    Happy Independence Day! :)

  8. I don't log onto Facebook nearly often enough - and one of the reasons is the whole requests thing. I have requests for hugs, flowers, drinks, games, pillow fights and enough causes to keep me busy for the rest of my life. It's intimidating! I don't like virtual pillow fights any better than real ones, I can't smell virtual flowers and can't drink virtual martinis. Geez!

  9. I simply put out a FB status message that said "I love you all, but STOP sending me that crap! No foodfight, no superpoke, no food, no animals, nothing. I want your friendship, not a pet fish, or barnyard animal, or to add to my virtual aquarium / barn."

    Seems to have worked :-)

    Also, when one of those annoying requests come up,there's a little hidden feature that if you mouse over the message in the top right corner, you can HIDE all those requests FOREVER.