Friday, July 17, 2009

Fragmented Friday once again

Friday Fragments?

It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. This event is hosted by the fun-loving Mrs. 4444 over at You know all those half thoughts that zoom around in your brain looking for a place to land? Friday Fragments is where they all join together and end up. It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Make sure you check out Mrs. 444's site to see what random thoughts are racing around inside of everyone else.

I have mentioned a time or two (OK, OK, I have whined about) a project at work that we have literally been working on for 3 1/2 months. This past Monday, my entire department (commercial lines in a small insurance agency) traveled 45 minutes to present our proposal. We got there early to look around and let the woman we were presenting to know we arrived early. Right before we presented, she informed us that she had another meeting and could only give us 15 minutes. Fifteen - freakin' - minutes to summarize 3 1/2 months of work? In addition, she had the four of us join her in her itsy-bitsy goldfish bowl of an office. We sat around her desk on very uncomfortable chairs attempting to balance our materials on our laps. Needless to say, the presentation did.not.go.well. Our salesperson and the agency president are returning this coming Monday to give it another shot. What does this mean to moi? You got it. I get to do more work! We are re-tooling our presentation to add in more information to counteract her concerns. Once again, the salesperson is NOT GOING TO BE IN THE OFFICE TODAY! Yup. He is going to be at his vacation home while I get to do all the work. He will come in Monday morning to review and give me the revisions so I get to work all day today just to be able to run around frantically Monday morning to re-do it because he is NOT GOING TO BE IN THE OFFICE TODAY to give me guidance. Not that it bothers me that he is NOT GOING TO BE IN THE OFFICE TODAY. Nope, not one little bit. Not at all.

Tonight, after work, hubby and I are hitting the road and heading north to Gorham, ME to see our son perform in a "band camp" concert. I gave up a ticket to go to a gala event tonight. I am a little disappointed because I really would have enjoyed the opening night of our local designer show house and the ticket was free. Oh well, there is always next year and I know that Evan won't be going to band camp for much longer since he is going to be (gulp) a sophomore in high school this fall. The other benefit is that I don't have to dress up for the concert and today is casual day at work!

Why is it that the people I work with who are always crying poverty are the first ones who order out lunch or breakfast or ice cream? One of my co-workers in particular is always saying she can't afford this or that but she often spends $50. a week or more on ordering out. I always have to bite my tongue when she says she is poor because "she has the worse luck". No, sweetie, maybe you are poor because you made bad decisions. Saying you can't afford for your son to take his SATs ($40.) the same week you buy him a $50. Rock Band game just doesn't make sense. You all have coworkers like this, right? Please tell me. I hate to think I am the only one.

It has been so nice that it hasn't been raining this week. Hubby and I have been able to take our dog for a walk a couple of evenings. It is so enjoyable to get out and enjoy the weather and the quiet time together. An added benefit is that the dog sleeps better at night. In our house, if the dog isn't happy, nobody is happy!

I am in my second term as president of a local professional organization. Our executive board met last night to plan out the up-coming year. Oh my, what a great group of women. They are professional, educated and nice people. Last year, I arranged for all of the monthly speakers. This year, we brainstormed ideas and everyone grabbed a topic and volunteered to contact a speaker. I don't have to do a thing. That's right. I don't have to do a thing. How cool is that? Well, nothing beyond do the monthly newsletter, arrange for the locations and run the meetings. Still it is a lot less work than last year!

What random thoughts are rattling around in your brain today?

Here's to Friday Fragments!


  1. Dang... sorry about all the work you have going on... dont you just want to make people SIT & LISTEN to all you've got figured out! Keep at it girl!

    And yes - I notice that too - the financial thing! That's why most of those people are IN the financial situation they are in!

  2. Your work day today - and the events leading up to it and to follow on Monday - are the very reasons I don't miss being in the rat race of the Corporate World any longer...(GRIN!) You poor thing! Hopefully having the salesperson dude NOT in the office today will let you get done what you need to get done...and your getaway this weekend will help you be relaxed and ready for the slew of changes on Monday... :)

    I have noticed that with (former) co-workers and some friends...those that complain the most about having no money seem to be the ones that spend All. The. Time. Like Rebecca Jo mentioned - that's why they're in that predicament in the first place! :)

    Happy FF! Good luck on the work load today! :)

  3. I definitely have co-workers (and friends) who don't see the contradictions in their finances. You're not alone. Wish you were (or I were) -- then there'd be fewer of them!

  4. Well, as long as you don't resent the guy...

    Sorry you're working so hard - would it be wrong to tell you that I'm sitting here in my pj's, watching the Tour de France, and planning which book to take outside to read after lunch?

  5. Oh man, the eating out thing really strikes a chord with me. My husband and I are going through some financially difficult times and it took me years to convince him that buying coffee and a pastry multiple times a day and up to a boatload of money that could be better spent.

  6. I must say, though, that working with a wonderful group of people is only possible when their leader knows how to lead (encouraging others to contribute). So, Bravo, Madame President! Have fun this weekend-You've earned it!!

  7. Yep, I have co-workers who eat at Cal-Tor at least 3x week...I don't get it. Too much money and too much salt :)
    Nicely done, FF!

  8. Sorry to hear that your presentation didn't go as well as you'd have hoped! Fingers crossed the next one will be better.

  9. Must be USM, huh? The camp, that is. I drive past that, like, a million times a year.
    I just read about a showcase house today on the website. Too far away for me, I'm sure it was beautiful. I didn't have a free ticket.
    Another nice day...kinda cool, this summer, so far. (In the literal sense..)

  10. MIA supervisor and a whiny coworker?

    ick. that's a no fun job for sure!