Friday, July 31, 2009

Fragments of my mind for Friday

Friday Fragments?

It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. This party is hosted by the all-in-one-piece Mrs. 4444 over at Friday Fragments is where we bloggers purge the junk drawers in our brains of all of the little bits and pieces of thoughts that take up space.

One of my facebook friends has pictures on her page of her and her partner kissing and lots of personal posts between the two of them about how they can't wait to see each other again to kiss, etc. etc. No, this isn't one of my son's classmates posting this. It is a 40 year old woman. My reaction when I see the page isn't "Oh, look how much in love they are!", it is "who are they trying to convince that they have a wonderful relationship? Me or themselves?". It may just be me but I think that some discretion is a great thing and when a 40 year old acts like a teenager like that, it strikes me as pathetic. Just sayin'.

I had my very important Girls' Night Out last night. Usually we meet every other month but we are meeting a little more frequently. We didn't discuss it but I think it is because we all need it and we all really enjoy it. Last night, we discussed a Girls' Weekend Away. How cool would that be? I think it will really happen. Mary Ellen lost her mind for a moment and wondered aloud if we would run out of things to talk about. We all laughed. That would be like Hershey running out of chocolate or Tiger Woods running out of money. Not going to happen in this lifetime!

Judy, the third side of our GNO triangle, told us one of her son's best friend died in a tragic accident. She commented that she wanted to reside in a world where children didn't die. I have reserved a house next to her in that alternate world. That must have been a heart wrenching memorial service to sit through.

I mentioned yesterday in Thankful Thursday that my husband shooed a bat out of our bedroom. It happened at about 4:00 am when the dog woke us up barking. My husband realized that Katy was raising a fuss because there was a bat in the vicinity. He knows me pretty well so he told me there was a bat "in the house" so I wouldn't totally freak all at once. He told me to cover my head so he could turn on the overhead light. While covered up, I figured out that what he really meant was that the bat was in the bedroom - where I was!! Instead of bravely jumping up to assist "my man" in the bat riddance dance, I curled up in a ball and pulled the sheet totally over my head. I did try to figure out what was going on by the thumps and bumps that I could hear and every time I thought the bat was coming closer, I squeezed my eyes tightly closed. It seemed like hours but within a few short minutes, my hero had gotten the bat out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door. The next night, he purchased screen to add to our attic vents. I hope we don't repeat that nighttime adventure anytime soon!

I went to Home Depot the other night and picked out several paint chips to consider for my upstairs bathroom. One chip I picked out is a hideous color but it had a really cool name. I always wonder who sits there and develops the names and how they decide between two shades which one is "Buttercup" and which one is "Buttered Sweet Corn." The color I liked the most under the glaring high wattage lights of Home Depot is the same color I liked the best in my car yesterday afternoon. The hideous color in Home Depot was still hideous in natural light. This weekend, I will be tacking the colors up in the bathroom and living with them for a few days (or weeks or months).

It is funny to see which blogs people comment on. I have to say, I never get it right.

Here's to fragments and it being Friday.


  1. Yeah for getting paint at HD. John thanks you!

    Girls weekend away sounds wonderful.

    Kids dying sucks giant donkey balls.

    I am SOOOO gonna go post pics of John and I groping each other on FB! :)


  2. I have to agree, a 40 year old should show some restraint. It's bad enough that some of the kids are putting stuff up there that, well, should not be put on any computer!
    Bats! (shudder) Your husband is great!
    We (the community) had lost two kids (friends of my YD) about four years back in a horrible accident. I had just seen the young lady a half hour before the accident. I can never get that happy smiling face out of my mind. Not that I want it any other way. She kind of haunts me though.
    I really want the job of naming colors. It could be a little frustrating though.

  3. I miss you already!!!!

    As soon as I started driving away, I thought of a dozen things I wanted to ask you...

    We need to get together more often. Waiting until after your vacation is going to feel like forever to me!!!

  4. Laughed at your reaction of the FB picture...

    I'm the same way too - I think, Oh this post is going to touch people & no one comments & then the goofiest ones, will be FULL of comments. Whatever works - I'll take a comment ANYDAY!

    That is horrible about the friend who passed away... just shows & reminds how precious life is.

  5. I, too, will be living in the "Kids Are Always Safe" neighborhood...if only!

    I LOVE Girls' Nights Out. I LOVE Girls' Weekends. Girls' Trips? Oh yeah. Jealous on this end.

    When my husband was still around, I just could not stop myself from groping him due to an extremely cute man-derriere. However...posting pix? No. OY! :)

  6. so sorry for your friends judys loss...can i reserve a spot with you as well...

    I am ready for another GNO myself and a weekend away GNO sounds even better

    stoppin by from FF

  7. Adults being intimate (no matter what sexual orientation) does not belong on Facebook pages--A kiss or hug I'm cool with. Beyond that does seem odd.

    My best friend's son died last fall. He would have been graduating this spring. She's a teacher who teaches seniors; it's going to be a rough year for Molly. Please keep her in your prayers...

  8. Once you're out of high school, that kissy bullshit should be over. It's irritating to those of us who live in the grown up world called reality.
    A Girls Weekend Away sounds like heaven... really. But right now I'd settle for just a girls night in (or out).
    Want to share the URL to that alternate reality? Because I wouldn't mind moving there myself.
    As for picking paint - it sucks. I never get it right. My "brick red" turned out to be "someone was murdered and bled all over the walls" fuschia/red.
    I would have done the same damn thing with the bat. Except I would have been hyperventilating and squealing like a schoolgirl.

  9. Oohey Goohey Facebook messages and status' get on my nerves too. It used to make me feel bad, I thought that these couples never fought and that there was something really wrong with my marriage. But your point of view brought me around. Maybe they are just leaving those messages to convince themselves that their relationship is perfect. Which we all know that no relationship is ever perfect. Plus, it would be boring if relationships were perfect, haha.

    I enjoyed reading your Fragments!

  10. I hope that you aptly rewarded your bat-catcing husband for his bravery. I'll look for it on FB.

    I'm jealous of your GNO, too. Sounds like fun.

    Did you get Behr paint? It's the best :)

  11. Ah you are ding your bathroom too. Colors under HD lights are a COMPLETE mystery.

    I think a group of riders gets either totally high or totally drunk and throw paint names around because some are really out there. And I think they get hysterical doing it. It would be to mind numbingly boring if it was just one person and a computer. Just sayin'

  12. Oops - meant to type writers not riders - heck maybe it's Hell's Angels riders!

  13. Such a thoughtful post....
    How you think of others and how you force us to think of others!

  14. Ok, so I kid you daughter is in the process of moving out for college and she has pretty much stripped "her" bathroom at the end of the hall - the one company it's very boring and plain and just a few days ago I said to someone that I am looking for a shade of yellow - somewhere between Buttercup and Creamed Corn! Ha! Painting is not my favorite thing to do, but picking out colors sure is fun!

    ...and yes, kids' funerals put a little snag in my heart that is irreparable...this just shouldn't happen...when it does I am always reminded of that Tracy Chapman song that has a line in it, "Doesn't heaven have enough angels yet."

    I enjoy your friday fragments.

  15. umm, well your first thought may be who are they trying to convince...mine is GET A ROOM!!

    covering your head..that's a great way to avoid bat droppings in your hair! good thinking!!