Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If you get a chance.....

Last week, I said to my son "If you get a chance today, will you mow the lawn?". To me, that was Mom-speak for "Unless something significant happens like you ending up in the hospital or the Prize Patrol shows up to give us a $1,000,000., the lawn better be mowed when I get home from work." To my teenage son, "if you get a chance" means "if there is absolutely no one available for me to text or IM AND if every electronic device we own isn't working AND if I can't find a book to read then perhaps I might find the time to consider mowing the lawn". Needless to say, the lawn didn't get mowed last week.

With all of the rain we have been getting, it has been hard to find a day to mow the lawn and it is growing out of control. It is getting to the point where small animals could get lost in the tall grass. Today is overcast but, so far, no rain. In a few minutes, I will be waking my son up and telling him "Dude, mow the lawn today." Think he will understand?

UPDATE: I came home to a mowed lawn! YEAH!


  1. If it was my son, I'd have to say no, there's no chance at all.

    Hey, it's not raining at your house? There is a heavy misting/drizzling thing going on here. No fair!

  2. It is overcast but the roads are clear. Definitely not June 30th weather, however. We haven't even opened up the pool this year!

  3. By clear on the roads, I mean they aren't wet, of course!