Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

I am now in double digits for posts and one great idea that I am following along with is Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments. You can see the original Friday Fragment poster over at Her post always makes me smile.

What is Friday Fragments? A place to clean out all those random thoughts that bounce around your brain like the ball in an old fashioned pinball machine.

I have been reading (on my Kindle, of course!) a book this week that I have had a hard time putting down. I usually can figure out what is going to happen in a book but "The Neighbor" by Lisa Gardner kept me guessing from the first chapter to the last. I highly recommend it.

How does my dog know what day of the week it is? She leaves us alone on weekdays but on Saturday and Sunday mornings, she wakes up and does her best to convince us to get up and take her for a walk. Also, she knows if school is in session. I drive my son to school so she gets a ride every school day. She looks forward to this and paces back and forth in excitement. The first day of my son's summer vacation, when I got up, she opened one eye, looked at me as if to say "no way I am getting up", and went back to sleep.

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson all passed away this week. They were all pop icons to those of us born in the 60s. Boy, do I feel old! I was at my son's last baseball game of the season last night when we all heard the news about Michael Jackson. Even the boys were stunned. Hopefully he will rest in peace and be remembered for his amazing talent and not the freakshow he had become.

Is it just me or do you ever wonder why they refer to deceased people as being "late" or "lost"?
Seriously, they aren't late. You don't need to keep dinner warming on the stove for them. When they say someone lost a relative, all I can imagine is an urn of ashes sitting in a "lost and found" at the local mall. In most cases, the people know where their deceased relatives are. They may not be with you as you want, but they aren't lost. Just sayin'.

My co-worker asked me for some personal advice yesterday. I know what I told her was NOT what she wanted to hear. However, she took it well and said the reason she asked me was because she knew I would tell her what I really thought. That made me feel good for some reason.

My two men are going to Vermont for the weekend. I am looking forward to a couple of nights by myself. Don't get me wrong. I adore my family but it is nice to have some time to myself. I have a couple of things planned already. One is a surprise. Don't you just love surprises?

Bravo to my son for a great report card. High honors for the quarter and all As and one B for the year. He ended up with a 90 average in Pre-Calc for the year and got the B. Not shabby for a freshman.

The Red Sox lost last night but they are still ahead of the Yankees in the standings. All is right in my world.

Here's to randomness.


  1. Good morning! Great random thoughts. I can't think well enough to gather my random thoughts. They bounce around in my head so fast, I can't catch them!

  2. I have had that same thought about 'late' myself. In my head, every time somebody says "my late uncle" I always wonder what he's late for.

    Congrats to Evan. He's one smart cookie, that son of yours!

    I hope your weekend is as fun as you can possibly stand!

  3. Great FF post.

    Hadn't given any thought to the "late" stuff but DID get a little irked this morning when I heard the Jackson family attorney say, "I told everyone that would listen that one of these days, Michael would wake up dead."

    If he wakes up, isn't he ALIVE??


  4. Welcome to the double digits!
    Very sad day for FF & MJ families...

  5. You enjoy those 2 days to yourself. That doesn't happen too often!

    And yeah, what's up with the late remarks? That doesn't make sense when you think about it. We're a weird breed, we humans.

  6. welcome to bloggy land. you made me laugh!

    I have this fantastic kayak (well, maybe it's a great old lady kayak) in my garage and I have no way of getting it near water other than the hose in my front yard. I was going to go to the lake where we have a cabin for the 4th, can't take the kayak, and now I find I can't go to the lake. (!!) I live one silly little mile from the beach, and I can't get the dang thing wet! (except the hose method)
    I need a rack that will fit my stoopid truck!

  8. ME said we had to get over here and say hi and welcome to the wonderful blogging world. If we didn't she'd hunt us down and drop a frog in our britches... Not really about have to and the frog thing.


    Helen G.

  9. ...and why do they say "passed away"? The only thing my grandfather passed when he died was gas. (as his last practical joke to us all)

    where in Vermont did the lads go? (I love VT. I lived there once. and because it's such a small place, I bet I know everyone in the town where they were going)

    Red Sox Rule, Yankees Drool (the only immutable law of the universe. well, that and "all dogs go to heaven")

  10. Just as the Victorians couldn't cope with the mention of sex so we seem to have great difficulty with talking about death. I guess that explains all the euphemisms. I hope I'll get lost a few more times before I'm finally lost for good!

  11. Andrew - I really enjoyed the play last night. I will be blogging about it soon. Bravo in the meantime.

    They are going to Queechee Gorge in Vermont.

  12. I like the way you summed up the Michael Jackson issue; very well-said. Dogs are so sensitive; ours starts moping around whenever we start planning to leave him (for a long day or weekend.) I'm sure the suitcases are usually the signal :) Enjoy your "Me Time!"

  13. I've always had the same thought about "late" as well. Just one of the many things that keep me up at night...

    And I enjoy it when my dudes do the scout thing, too. I'll enjoy it even more when all three get to go and it's just me. Aaahhhhh....:)

    Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back soon. :)