Monday, June 29, 2009

A quiet interlude.....

Most weekends, I am running here and there. I might be transporting my son to an activity or doing errands. The thought of “stopping to smell the roses” may occur to me but there never seems to be enough time. This past weekend, however, I was able to do just that.

At baseball last Thursday, my friend, Lori, was there even though she had recently had surgery. Lori and I met thru our sons and youth sports. Her husband was my son’s favorite basketball coach and Lori and I served on the Little League Board together. Lori has two awesome sons who are both very athletic. My son and her youngest son have been on the same baseball team for the past two years and Lori was determined to be at the last game even though she should have been in home in bed recovering. That is the type of mother that she is – always putting her sons before herself. I believe that it does take a village to raise a child and I have always been happy that she is in my village because we share many of the same viewpoints on life and child-rearing. In addition, she is a fellow “Farmtown/Facebook” addict. She mentioned that she would home alone on Saturday and I offered to bring lunch over and keep her company.

I picked up lobster rolls (we are in Maine, you know) at the local hospital (which is well-known for it’s food!) and headed over to Lori’s a little past noon. The weather was sunny and warm and just perfect for dining outside. Lori lives in a log cabin on a wooded lot with a welcoming front porch where we ate. We could hear the birds sing but no sounds of traffic or other people. We sat and visited and, dare I say it, relaxed. We didn’t do anything exciting or solve any problems. We simply let the world go on around us while we took time for us. I was stunned when I looked at my watch and saw that it was 4:00 pm. We had wiled away the afternoon. It was wonderful.

We had been talking about getting together for a meal for several years but had never found a time when we were both free. In addition, it has been raining here in Maine at a rate of 5 times the normal amount for the month of June. For the two of us to be free on the same afternoon and for the weather to be so nice is nothing short of a miracle! I left her house feeling recharged and ready to get back in the thick of things. I hope that she enjoyed it too.

Here's to taking the time to enjoy life.


  1. That sounds like a great afternoon. It's good that you both had the time to take for yourselves. You know that is an important part of parenting don't you? Time for yourself is very important!

  2. How fortunate you are to have found each other. Most of the time, it is those spontaneous events, which turn out best. Good for you both!

    Hmmm....I need to come to Maine for a lobster roll!


  3. Just let me know when, AM. I will give you a tour!

  4. How wonderful. I'm really glad you had that experience this weekend. It sounds like you needed it :) What a treat.

  5. I'm so glad you managed to enjoy some 'me' time. It's rare for a mom.

    It rained up here all day yesterday and is still raining today. I'm about ready to lose my mind over it.

  6. That sounds wonderful! You made me feel more lonely for a friend that's away for the summer going to school.

    We had a lot of rain this past month, too, and now the sun is shining and the weather seems perfect but if we go out in the cool of the evening we get eaten alive by misquotes. Sometimes it seems it's always something... but stopping to "smell the roses" (even if it has to be inside away from the bugs!) can make all the difference.

  7. Two things...

    One, I want a lobster roll. And I'm in Maine. So delivering one to me should be easy!! :)

    And two...I am now starting to NICELY bully people into donating to my fundraiser. Especially family and friends. And since you are like family to MET and she tells me that I would really like if/when I get to meet you (hopefully someday soon) I decided it's time to NICELY bully you!!

    Might you consider it...PLEASE??? And maybe tell your friends about it? I need more people to spread the word in order to meet my goal. And the prizes you stand to win are AMAZING go it's really a win-win situation!!


  8. You've been trying to get together for YEARS?! Good for you for finally doing it. Now, what is a lobster roll, and seriously, you get them at the hospital?

  9. I do plan on donating, Hallie. Also, my hubby's place of work matches donations so I will do it in his name - but prizes go to me, OK? :)

    Caution Flag - in these here parts, they take lobster (lobstah) meat and mix it with mayo (and sometimes other fillers like celery) and put the mix in a roll that is usually lined with lettuce. The traditional lobster roll is served on a hot dog roll. The food at our local hospital is very good and I know my friend LOVES their lobster rolls. I went to the cafe and got take out.

    You can get lobster rolls at many different places here in Maine - including at McDonalds. I am not a huge lobster roll fan so I have never had one there.