Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Do we really take the time we should to reflect on the things that we are thankful for? I know I don't, so on Thursdays, I am going to reflect on the things in my life that are great.

1) A loving husband who didn't totally freak out when I told him I didn't like the color we (ok, he!) painted the bathroom and I wanted us (him) to repaint it.

2) A teen who hasn't given me any reason to worry. He does well in school, has awesome friends and still loves his parents.

3) A job. I might not love my job but I work with great people and I have a job. I know people who don't.

4) My son has 2 healthy grandparents. My in-laws may drive me nuts on occasion but they are healthy and they adore my son.

5) Amazing friends. I have a couple of friends that I have had forever and I know that they are true-blue, be there forever type friends.

6) The internet. I have recently reconnected with a lot of childhood friends on facebook and we are having a ball. It is funny to see how people have changed and, also, how some things NEVER change. With some of them, I wonder how I survived all these years without being in touch!

7) A home to live in. It may not be as neat and clean as I would like (hey, it's baseball season!) but it is a nice house in a location that I love.

8) I am grateful the sun is finally shining today. After 5 times the normal amount of rain for the month, we are all anxious for some sunshine.

9) I am thankful that I have a weekend to myself to look forward to. Hubby and son are going on a boy scout campout and I will have the house to myself. I love them but it will be nice to have some "me" time.

10) I have an extended family that I cherish.

What are you thankful for today?

Here's to appreciation!


  1. I was going to say that I am thankful for you, but then I'd get all sappy, and you'd get all sappy...

    So instead, I'll say that I am grateful (for today only) that I DON'T have a job and can enjoy the sunshine.

    I love thankful Thursdays. Great idea.

  2. I'm grateful for so many things--but I know I don't take the time to think about it either. Today I'm trying to find the thankfulness I feel for the trial after the trial. I know trials teach me patience and to trust in God and that everything happens for a reason, but why is that so hard to see during the trial? (Sorry...I guess it's just a hard day.)

  3. Samantha, I hope things get better for you.