Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One week down.....

Today marks Day 7 on my new diet. I joined a 12 week diet club that a friend of mine was starting. We are following the Transitions Lifestyle program and meeting once a week at her house. We are paying $5.00 a week with the person who loses the 2nd most percentage of weight getting their money back and the winner taking the rest of the money.

This diet is a Glycemic index plan so basically it is low carb and low fat. When I first looked at it, I wondered what I would be able to eat but I have found that it isn't that bad.

I have discovered that:

Egg beaters in the microwave is a very yummy and easy breakfast - esp. when you throw in some peppers and onions and top it with a little salsa

My son is a vegetarian and I have been stealing his fake sausage and fake bacon products. The fake sausage is pretty good.

Green bananas have lower carbs than ripe bananas.

How much I like a good stirfry.

I have a lot more energy when I eat fewer carbs.

That fruit just doesn't cut it when you want a "dessert".

That the worse thing about a diet is that you are planning what you are able to eat so you
think about food all of the time.

I really need to work on drinking more water.

I welcome any and all diet tips - what worked for you and what didn't work.

Here's to being healthy and (hopefully) looking better!


  1. As you already know, I need to RECEIVE weight-loss tips, not give them. My dieting plan has for the last couple of months has been "don't eat dinner on rehearsal nights" and now is "sweat off a couple of pounds every night backstage." I have no idea what I'm going to do next week.

    But I can totally testify to the drinking water thing. It was the thing that made a huge difference the one time I successfully dieted!

  2. thank you for your comment....funny what life brings our way? :-)......and dieting....hmmm...i think when you quit thinking of it as a diet...and think of it more as a life change, is when it works a little least for me....cuz i am all about dessert!

  3. I have a horrid sweet tooth. That's my biggest downfall. I can eat decent all day and then stuff myself with ice cream! Good luck on your dieting efforts, what a great idea you guys had with the money thing. Maybe weight watchers should do that too!

    Speaking of weight watchers that has been the only formal diet plan that has ever worked for me. I think it has to do with writing everything down, keeping up with points, calculating how many points are in what, etc. I like that kind of stuff for some odd reason!

  4. You know my kids are on gluten free diets so the amount of carbs we eat has decreased significantly as well...and I have to agree, I definitely feel more energetic and less bloated!

  5. this is my first visit to your blog. I look forward to reading you again soon and following your adventures!

  6. Good luck with your diet. I think the biggest challenge is to stop and look at your food and ask if this is really something you want to put into your body. Drinking lots of water and walking has always helped boost my metabolism...wake up determined every day and you will be successful!

  7. I never knew that about green bananas ?? Good luck to you!

    See you soon - Kellan