Monday, September 21, 2009

It is sequel time!

I am usually a very fast reader so I was very frustrated about how long it was taking me to read Dan Brown's newest blockbuster "The Lost Symbol". I have had a cold and it just made me way too tired.

This weekend I was able to finish the book. It was a book featuring Harvard professor Robert Langdon and followed Dan Brown's formula for success. It featured puzzles, a madcap race against time, a female cohort and beautiful descriptions. Since the Da Vinci Code was one of the most successful books of all time, why mess with something that obvious works? This book featured the Freemasons and their secret society. In the book, Robert Langdon was rushing to different places in Washington DC. The descriptions made me want to take a road trip to see the sights myself. It was full of surprises and is well worth the money. I will give this book 4Ks. The fact that it had a similar set up as the other Robert Langdon books is why I am not giving it 5 Ks.

This was the weekend for sequels as the next book I read was No Time To Wave Goodbye by Jacquelyn Mitchard. This is a follow-up to her widely successful breakthrough novel, The Deep End of the Ocean. It returns to the Cappadora family several years after their son, Ben, was returned to them. It turns out that happily ever after wasn't truly completely happy. Ben insisted on calling his kidnapper's husband Dad and calls the Cappadoras by their first names.He also goes by the first name that the kidnapper gave him. The older son has acted up over the years trying to get his mother's attention. This books starts with the older son, Vincent, previewing an independent movie about missing children without telling his mother what the movie is about. The movie brings back a lot of memories for the family and for the other families highlighted in the movie. The rest of the book deals with the ramifications of the movie and how it affects the family relationships. I remember reading the first book and not wanting to put it down. I felt the same way about this book. I read the entire book last night. I will give this book 5 Ks out of 5.

What have you read lately?

Here's to reading!


  1. I love Dan Brown's books...I haven't read The Lost Symbol yet but I heard an interview with Dan Brown on NPR and it in addition to your post have definitely peaked my interest.

    I haven't been reading lately...shameonme...I am right in the middle of reading the fourth book in the House of Night series by PC and Kristen Cast. They are great books and I need to just shut off the tv at night and read for an hour or so before bed at least so I can finish and move on to another series!

  2. I too enjoy Dan Brown...I am fixing to start the sookie stackhouse series

  3. Honestly? I've read nothing that sounds as good as what you're reading. This week I'm looking for a read that is captivating but requires no brain. Any suggestions?

  4. Caution Flag - do a search for book reviews on my blog as I have reviewed 10 or more books. Have you read Jennifer Weiner's books? Those were good. I did love "No time to wave goodbye". I couldn't put it down.