Friday, September 25, 2009

Fragmented Friday thoughts

Friday Fragments?
It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. Mrs. 4444 over at is the instigator of this Internet crop of randomness. You could call her the farmer and we are all her farm hands. Go over and check out her little patch of odds and ends and check out what the other farm hands are up to around the Internet world. She designated little ole me as her Favorite Friday Fragmenter for last week. I haven't been so excited since I won the social studies award my junior year.

I also won a "silly goose" award from Mighty Mom over at My Wonderful Life for my goofy definition of one of her words in Thursday Thesaurus. Check out her blog if you haven't already! Don't they say that winning comes in threes? I am going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow!

Speaking of high school, one of my high school buddies is visiting Maine from his current residence of Hamburg, Germany. Another high school classmate is hosting a gathering at her farm tomorrow so we can all get together and see him. I have reconnected with a lot of these classmates in the past 6 months due to Facebook and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I can't believe it has been 31 years! I have not seen some of these classmates since graduation day. There is a small part of me, however, that is nervous about getting together. The high school insecurities are raising their nasty heads. Would you feel the same way?

Growing up, I loved the show "One Day at A Time" and I have casually read articles about Mackenzie Phillips and her struggles over the years. Her latest bombshell is creepy and sad, to say the least. I do wonder, however, what is motivating her to tell "all" at this point. Is it therapeutic or is she simply trying to get more attention? It is getting to the point, where I don't even want to know what is going on with anyone. Look at all of the highly talented people who are just wrecks. The price of fame is much too high!

Many of you know that one of my oldest and dearest friends is Mary Ellen. She is the one who got me into this bloggie world.You can comment on her blog with compliments or complaints about that! Anyway, she has not been blogging very much this week so I wanted to give you a ME sighting report. Yes, she is still alive and doing extremely well. She started her new job this week, is doing fabulous at it (she didn't tell me that but I am sure she is!) and likes what she is doing.

My son is a boy scout and my husband and I are both adult leaders. Two of the other leaders signed their son up for a sport that conflicts with the scout meeting. They knew that when they signed him up. Now they have asked the Troop to change the meeting night to a night more convenient for them. When I stated that our family has a conflict on the night they want to move it to and we would be unable to attend that night of the week, she sent an email to everyone saying that "We all sacrifice for our children to make them happy and feel involved but I guess that it isn't always possible". Huh? I am not sure where that one came from. I was questioning myself - should I stop doing something I enjoy (and one of the few things I do for myself and my health) so I can therefore take my son to the meetings on those nights he doesn't have his own conflict? My son heard that and said "Gee, Mom. You sacrifice for me all of the time. I don't think you need to sacrifice your commitments for him". Sometimes it takes the younger generation to put things in perspective.

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Here's to Fridays!


  1. You know I was thinking the same thing about Mackenzie Phillips. It's creepy. She needs serious therapy any way you cut it.

    I wish we could live in a place that was like that. I love small town life but like being close to the city too. :-)

  2. I much prefer the celebs that I DON'T hear about their private, the very keep your private life....umm...PRIVATE!!

  3. M.P. has always been disturbing to me; she looks like a junkie even when she's supposedly clean. Clearly, she's had it rough.

    I love that you're a scout leader. Thanks for doing that; it makes such a big difference for kids. Never mind that doofus.

    Thanks for the M.E. update :)

    You're so funny. Congrats again on the award! :)