Friday, September 4, 2009

It's time for another edition of Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. Mrs. 4444 over at came up with this brainchild. Friday Fragments is where we bloggers can justify all the randomness that we try to hide the rest of the week. It is a mental goulash
and Mrs. 4444 is the head chef.

More than 1/2 of our staff is out of the office today. I am not sure what the boss was thinking when he kept saying yes to time off requests. Here's hoping that everyone is thinking about the long weekend and not thinking about their insurance today.

My son got his coveted learning permit Monday evening. He has driven several hours already. We live next door to his grandparents and they have allowed him to drive. In fact, his 82 year old grandmother basically insists that he drive. It is probably a good thing! Evan won't be eligible to get his license until next July so he will have lots of practice in by then.

Our school district is starting discussions with the neighboring town about closing our high school and sending our high school students to their high school. At the first meeting, apparently parents stood up and said they fully supported the idea and let's do it sooner than later. Hello. This is a major change in our educational system. How can they fully support something when they have no idea how it is going to work, what the cost will be - financially and, dare I say, emotionally to our students? They don't know what that would do to class size or anything else. Bigger is not necessarily better. I feel like I don't have enough information to say I don't support it but I certainly don't want to rush into something. The person who said let's do it sooner than later made that statement after her son spent one day in the high school. One day! I cringed when I read that statement. The teachers must feel awful. It made it sound like our high school is a bad place to be. It is small but my son loves it there and we have been very happy with the teachers, etc.

The weather forecast here in Southern Maine is beautiful for the entire weekend. We have had the worse weather most of the the summer and the last weekend, it is going to be nice? I think the weather gods are taunting me. Showing me what the summer could have/should have been.

All morning I have been hearing weird noises. I kept hearing a strange vibration at home this morning Everytime I heard it, I got up to check but it would quickly end. I just heard a strange beeping noise here in the office. At least one other person heard it too so I know it isn't me just going crazy. I hate those unidentified noises. Is it a sign that something is breaking down? Is it someone calling me on my cell to tell me that I have won $1 million dollars? Is it a bomb?

That is all that I can add to the mental goulash today. What tasty tidbits are you going to throw in?

Here's to fragments.


  1. I'm one of those people NOT in the office today. :) I think there might be four or five people left on our floor today.

    My grandmother would NEVER have gotten into a car with my driving at age 16. Never. :)

  2. Maybe those noises are aliens trying to contact you!!! I always suspected that there was alien life forms in Maine!!

    Almost no one here today either.


  3. Look at the staff playing hooky!!!

  4. Hopefully all those people being missing mean that you have lots of time to relax! I vote you close up early and get a jump on the weekend.

    If those strange noises end up being the million dollar call, let me know. I think we could move up the date of our girls-vacation-trip!

  5. I'm sorry the Gods are taunting you. Perhaps, you should taunt back.

  6. Maybe all the beeps and buzzing has to do with the full moon? I hope you win a million dollars though. That would definitely be more fun and you could have the day off with most of your office!

    And yay for a good weather weekend! Thank goodness summer is here (just in time for the kids to head back to school!)

  7. I like the mental goulash thing!

    I went to a really big and crowded high school and I think I would've preferred something smaller and more laid back for sure.

  8. beeping?? whirring?? hmmmm time to call the all new Electonics Ghostbusters!

    school decisions are hard at any time.

  9. I always hear noises I can't identify...the beeping type variety usually. Someone's device of unknown origin is always going off somewhere. It's getting creepy.
    YES, ENJOY THE GREAT MAINE WEATHER !!!!!!!!!! We deserve it!!

  10. I too hear noises-glad to know i am not alone...
    you live in Maine...ahhh i would LOVE to visit your lovely state one day

  11. Learners permit??? Yikes! I'm not looking forward to that with my boys.

    Hope the weather is as beautiful as they said! We are actually having some nice weather here in GA, too.

  12. Those noises can drive me insane I swear LOL

    I went to a small farm school. It was great. Now the school is giant, it's been remodeled up and out on all sides. I can't even find my old school in that monstrosity. It's because other schools closed down and sent the kids there, from what I've heard. It's a good school, but I bet it took a decade to work out the kinks.

  13. That goulash reference cracked me up; I'm going to use it (and link to you) in an upcoming post.

    You are a smart woman. I like that you don't have a knee-jerk reaction to the school thing. Too many people operate on emotion alone and not enough on information.

    As for the noises, we keep hearing noises around here ever since we put our cat down. I think it's because he didn't appreciate it (we were ready, but he wasn't, maybe?) Both Mr.4444 and I have each "heard Gus crying," and I have even smelled cat poo! YIKES. I hope it's just my imagination, haha.