Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fragments?
It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. Mrs. 4444 over at is responsible for this bloggie party of random thoughts. She is the party planner but we are all responsible for making it a happening party.

I saw on the news that the recession is officially over. Really. That is what they said. I hope the news gets around so people start hiring and stop having layoffs. My husband's employer is announcing a lay-off this morning. We have our fingers crossed that his name isn't on the list.
UPDATE - I got an email from my husband - he survived the lay-off!

"Survivor" had their season premier last night. I am addicted to Survivor. We have watched every season and almost every show. I always wonder about the twists that they throw in. Do they have these scenarios set "If this happens, we will use this twist but if that happens, we will do this instead"? Did you know that the contestants sign a contract that they will not write a book about their experience for several years? I also wonder why the people dress the way they do. I would only pack and wear quick dry clothes. They have to know that they are going to taken to the site pretty soon. Why don't some of these people wear their bathing suits as underwear? The women end up spending most of the season walking around in their bra and panties. Get a clue, people.

Did you read about the couple that got robbed while having an "intimate moment" in a dumpster? They had jewelry and money stolen so it isn't like they were homeless. I wonder how they happened to end up in a dumpster. "Let's go back to your place." "No, honey, my place is an absolute wreck. Let's go to a dumpster instead!" or perhaps "I can't wait to get you alone!" "Hey, look there is an empty dumpster! We don't have to wait!". Seriously, if my husband ever asked for an intimate moment in a dumpster, I would have him climb in first and leave him there. Yuck!

Here's hoping for a less stressful day at work. One co-worker is waiting for results from a biopsy and another co-worker is fighting with her significant other. Keep your fingers crossed for co-worker number one. Her doctor said she was 90% sure it was only an infection and not a recurrence of her breast cancer. We have a lot of hope. As for co-worker #2, I have given up hope that her life will ever be drama-free.

Here's to Friday Fragments! Party on!


  1. A dumpster? Wow. Kind of wonder why they actually reported the theft. Embarrassing.

    Lots of things to keep your mind troubled! Hope the lay-off doesn't come your way, the co-worker gets the best news, and your other co-worker finds some peace.

    And you are never going to be on Survivor. You're simply too logical.

  2. Yeah, we keep hearing the stimulus worked but I haven't seen anything that indicates that it has. Our state has 10.6% unemployment and I have a bunch of friends praying for work. Joe Biden can say it as often as he likes; doesn't make it true.

    You know, I've never been a reality tv person. The only show that ever interested me was Wife Swap, and that is just trash TV. Should I actually admit that publicly?

    Happy Friday!

  3. I have the same thoughts about Survivor every single season. It's like none of the people have ever seen the show before, for pete's sake. I bet the producers have to approve their wardrobe, and they think it will be more fun to watch people in their ratty underpants.

    I can't stop giggling about the dumpster - not the fact that the couple got robbed, but the imagined conversation that led to them utilizing a dumpster. Hee. You made my morning.

  4. A dumpster? Ewwwww!
    Glad that your husband avoided a layoff. I don't think the recession is over. Not in my house anyway.
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Great news about your husband!

    It sure doesn't feel like the recession is over.

  6. Did you see that one of the Survivor gals wore heels? I know what you mean about the bras and panties - I really dislike that part, but overall love the show.

    A dumpster? They must have 18 kids and counting LOL

    Kristin - The Goat

  7. I can hear the conversation with the police officer now..."Um, well, you see officer, me and my girl were over there in that dumpster...ya know, like, ahem, doing it...and well, this guy came along and like, robbed us!"
    Recession, what recession??? Sorry Just kidding! That was mean wasn't it? Really, I am sorry.
    I love Survivor! I always forget that it is on though. Is that pathetic or what?
    I hope your day was not stressful, my prayers are going out to both your co-workers...and for you, cause the medical scare sucks, drama sucks and listening to it isn't fun either.
    Oh! BTW...I am on WeightWatchers. I tried it online for months...just wasted my money. Now I go to meetings where someone else besides me will know how much I weigh, if only for a moment. It makes me more accountable. It's working! Love it!

  8. So happy y'all survived the layoff. If the recession is over they need to come tell that to SC....we have almost a 12% unemployment rate (that's what I heard on news today)...all time high I believe!

  9. Ewwwww! A dumpster? Crazy!

    The recession's over? That's interesting...I wonder if it really is, or if they're hoping by announcing it's over that people will start to spend more money since the holiday season is right around the corner. Sorry, hubby's pessimism rubbed off on my for a moment... ;)

    So glad your hubby survived the layoff...

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way for your co-workers.

    Happy FF! :)

  10. I was watching the BBC news the other day and they were saying the same thing about the recession... and in the next breath mentioning that the unemployment rate went up again. It's a little confusing.

    I am also completely baffled as to why someone thought it was a good idea to do it in the dumpster. Ew!

  11. robbed doing the dirty in a dumpster?? sounds like a hooker/john relationship to me! a cheap one!

    saying a prayer for your coworker

  12. Seriously? Having sex in a dumpster?! Where in the world did you find that? That was hilarious!