Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy's Idea

Welcome to Friday Fragments. What is Friday Fragments? I am so glad you asked. It is the day where we take all of the little bits and pieces and try to assemble them into a one post. Think of a a puzzle where all of the jagged pieces come together to make a picture? Why do we do this? Because Mrs. 4444 tells us too! Make sure you go over and check out and see what all of the other participants are putting together. You will be glad that you did!

When we went on our last cruise, I was impressed by some of the deck furniture. They had round loungers that could be flat, have the head up on either side and were big enough for two people. My husband and I enjoyed sitting on one and reading one afternoon. Since once of my goals this summer is to use my deck more, I came home with a desire to purchase one. I searched online without any luck. Lo and behold, one day when searching for screen houses online, I came around this an ad for the Orbit Double Lounger.. I have one on order for my mother's day gift. Can't you just imagine reading on this? Taking a late afternoon nap? I can't wait!

I am on our small town email list for information on town events. This week, I got an invitation to a Septic Social. Yes, you read that correctly. What is a Septic Social?
Septic Socials are workshops that suggest easy and inexpensive practices you can adopt to keep your system running effectively and to also know when you have a problem. Not only can a failing septic system cost you thousands of dollars and lower your property value, but the pollution from them seeps into our local waterways, closing clam flats and causing swimming bans. Who knew they could make learning about your septic system sound so interesting. I wonder how many names they discussed before settling on Septic Social? Can't you just imagine the suggestions? Poop Party? Sewer Soiree, Elimination Event. Yes, deciding was a shi**y job, but someone had to do it. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)

I have a lot more vacation time than my husband so I have come up with an idea for this summer to use up a week. It is a secret right now but it involves, the one, the only, Mary Ellen. I will keep you informed if it all comes together.

That is all I have time for today. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I don't know if I could ever get up from the lounger! It's looks just a little too comfortable. Well, are you going to the septic social? I just don't know if I would eat any of the snacks there :)

  2. The lounger is no longer available online...did you get the last one?

    And the Feces Festival sounds like a good time! I'd avoid the chocolate and the lemonade, if I were you.

  3. Perhaps a little Vicks Vapo Rub under your nose as you enter the room? I'm with your other 2 before you get there.
    on a brighter note, love the lounger!

  4. That lounger looks so inviting! I too would never get up from that. Me and my little Kindle would be there for hours on end!
    I love all the choices for the names of that get together...Feces Festival sounds like fun too. Oh gosh did I just write that out loud???

  5. I've been coveting a hammock for our front deck for ages now but there's really nowhere to hang it, perhaps I'll switch my ambitions to a lounger like that instead!

  6. The lounger looks like a dream!!!!
    Dadburnit but I think you bought the last one...they're "sold out" online!
    LMBO @ the party! Are you going??? ;)
    Just stopping in via Friday Fragments. :)
    God bless!

  7. Oh, I like that lounger. :) That might actually make us use our patio more...

  8. Well I like the stinkfest!!
    Will there be examples of the different types of poop n paper? In nursing school we spent an entire day learning how to describe all possible types of poop. With pictures!! It was a real shitter of a day! ;-)

  9. Septic Social, huh? Sounds like something we should attend!

    The lounger looks cool. It's nice that there are so many reviews to read, too.

    Happy Mothers Day!! :)