Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Sadness....

In early February, I became aware of a young man who was missing from his college in Georgia. While it wasn't someone I knew, he did graduate from our local high school a few years ago and I know several people who knew him personally. He was from a military family so they were only here a short time which is why I didn't know him. His younger sister was in my son's grade so he knew her and he knew who the older brother was. This missing person story hit close to home.

Yesterday, they located his vehicle in a creek a short distance from where he had been last seen. That particular creek had searched before but more sophisticated sonar and a dive team made this search successful. There was a body in the cab of the truck. Identification will follow today but most people are assuming that it is the missing boy. While they will probably never know why or how he ended up there, he was returning home from a college party so lack of sleep or alcohol combined with a dark boat ramp is a likely answer. As long as foul play wasn't involved, it doesn't really matter.

Someone put it well on one of the facebook pages in Bryce's honor. "Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Cherish those you have in your life today."

My sympathy goes out to the Tarter family.

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