Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

Late Friday, we got an email from the high school secretary and chaperone of the trip-that-the-volcano-ruined. They have rescheduled the trip for June! Yeah. I was a little concerned that the two senior boys that my son is friends with might opt out because of summer jobs but they are both planning on going. It should be a fun trip for my son... and, yes, I plan on purchasing the insurance for this trip. We do have to pay some more $$ since we didn't get a full refund but I am relieved we didn't lose all of the money.

Saturday evening, I hopped on a limo bus and ended to Boston with some of my co-workers and a few people from other insurance agencies. We headed to Boston's famed and beloved ballpark, Fenway, to see a baseball game in style. No nosebleed seats for us in the outfield. Nope, we were in a luxury box with free food, booze and private restroom facilities. The bathroom even had a flat screen TV so you didn't miss any of the game while taking care of "business". Yes, for a few hours, I experienced life as one of the rich and (maybe) famous. The best news is that the Red Sox, who have been struggling this year, won! It was a late night but definitely worth it.

My nephew works for a company that services oil rigs. The company he works for does work on the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico BUT he wasn't on that one. Phew.

So after a couple of weeks of worse news after bad news, things are starting to look up. I am expecting some medical test results back in the next few days so I am really hoping that the good news trend continues. Please send positive thoughts my way.

Here's to an upward trend!


  1. Positive thoughts...Positive thoughts...Positive thoughts...