Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fragments - back from the missing

Mommy's Idea

Sorry I just dropped off the face of the earth like that. For some reason, life just got the better of me the past few weeks. It is the perfect time for a Friday Fragments post because my mind is totally on overload. Thank goodness for Mrs. 4444 - she gives us the approval we need for all this confusion!

Two very sad events have really affected me these past few days. I was at a conference last week and got a message that a friend and former co-worker had been killed in a car accident. I had just sent her a message suggesting that we get together for dinner some evening and now we can't. What a wake up call to live every moment to the fullest and to make time for those things that are important. Time with friends and family is precious and should be at the top of the "To do" list.

I got a call on Wednesday evening from Mary Ellen that Hallie's son, CJ, had passed away. I simply cannot fathom the pain the family must be experiencing. Parents are not supposed to bury their kids. I have not met Hallie in person (yet) but I enjoy her blog and know that she has to be a special person because of her friendship with Mary Ellen.

My heart goes out to both families.

My son was supposed to leave on a trip to Germany/Austria/Switzerland/France today. They have been planning it for over a year. He was excited about it - especially since two of his friends were going. They are seniors and Evan realizes that this is the last chance for them all to go. Who would have thought that a volcano in Iceland would cause all this chaos? They actually told the students they were going, put them on a bus and took them to the airport. On the way, they got contacted that their flight to Paris was cancelled and they, of course, had to return home. The trip is cancelled for this week and may or may not be rescheduled. If they don't reschedule, it is possible that the seniors will get their money back and the underclassmen will get a credit towards another trip. How frustrating!

That's all for today. Don't forget to go over to Mrs. 4444 and see what everyone else is up to.


  1. Good to have you back around...I know about life getting in the way. It seems I can't get to the blog posting. I do make sure I catch up with everyone though and say hi! So HI!
    I am so sorry your friend has passed. It should be a sign to all of us to "stop and smell those roses" We never know what will happen, ever.
    I am still in shock about Hallie's son. I followed his adventures with the Air force. He seemed like such a wonderful young man. I have kept the Twomey family in my prayers and thoughts all day. I cannot imagine how they are feeling.
    What a shame about your son't trip being cancelled! Hopefully, there will be another chance for them to go. This whole thing withthe volcano in Iceland is amazing. Too bad it had to go and ruined plans!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I read about CJ on Alice's blog and it just broke my heart. Knowing how full-of-life and love Hallie is, I just cannot imagine the grief. They are all in my prayers.

    It's too bad Evan didn't get to go on his trip. Maybe the volcano will stop it's antics and quiet down. A trip like that is something he'll always remember.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. how sad on all counts.

    hope next week is better for you.