Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

As we all rush head-long into this holiday week, here are some of things I am thinking about this morning:

After almost 26 years of marriage, my husband doesn't bring me flowers anymore. However, I don't mind. I don't think he is being thoughtless or uncaring because, you see, I am now allergic to flowers. What he does bring me, however, is even better. He brings me coffee. Yup. If I have to go to a meeting or sporting event before him, he usually shows up with a large coffee for me to chug down. He has today off so he got up, took the boy-o to school (allowing me to sleep later) and brought me home coffee. Not your ordinary run-of-the-mill coffee either. He brought me home a coconut mocha from one of my favorite coffee shops. Yup. I think he is a keeper.

We watched the season finale of Survivor last night. We have been addicted to that show since the very first season 10 years ago. Next season (starting in February!) features an all-star cast of Villians vs Heroes. I can't wait to see who is on it. I would love to see "Survivor Bob" selected. He was the high school physics teacher from Westbrook Maine who, I believe, is the older winner ever. Definitely a hero in my book! If you are a fan, who would you like to see on it. This season's villian, Russell, looked like a pimp last night. Not that I have ever seen a pimp, mind you, but what I would imagine a pimp would look like. I will say, I found him to be unlikeable but I was surprised that he didn't win. He truly did out-play everyone.

My sister gave my husband a cloth pouch from Christmas to be used for baking potatoes in the microwave. It sounds strange but, oh my, the potatoes I baked last night came out great. Chili and baked potatoes were on our menu last night. Great meal for a snowy cold night in Maine.

Well, I have to dash off to work. Have a wonderful week.

Here's to thinking.


  1. I have to agree with you that your husband is a keeper! Any man who would bring me coffee in the morning would definitely be placed in Charming Prince status in my book!
    I used to watch Survivor faithfully when it first started, thedn my memory went south and I can never remember when anything I wanted to watch was on. It upsets me because I really like that show. Of course that has lent itself to me finding some other great shows!
    Do you know the name of that cloth pouch? Did she make it? I love me some baked potatoes, and I ALWAYS use the microwave, but better is, well, always better. I'll have to Google this and see hwat I can find!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  2. Are we sharing the same husband? What sweet, thoughtful men we have!

    Does that cloth pouch make the microwaved potatoes more like oven baked? Sounds promising.

  3. Materials: 1/3 yard cotton fabric (for bag)
    1/3 yard or crib size cotton batting
    cotton thread
    marking pencil
    Optional Items:
    1/8 yard or 3" x 5" piece Quilter's Shades fabric color: buckskin (potato applique)
    1/8 yard or 1 package (8" X 10" sheets) Steam-a-Seam 2
    1 spool brown rayon thread

    (1) 11" x 23" piece fabric (bag)
    (1) 10" x 22" piece fabric (lining)
    (1) 11" x 23" piece cotton batting
    Optional Applique:
    Cut 1: Buckskin color fabric in potato shap (abt. 4" x 2")

    Directions: 3/8" seam allowance
    1. Place cotton batting on wrong side of bag piece. Channel quilt 1" apart lengthwise on piece.
    2. Optional: Fuse applique on front of piece, according to manufacturer's directions.
    Satin stitch around edge of applique.
    Satin stitch 6-7 "eyes" on potato, as desired. (Bag front)
    3. Trim quilted piece to measure 10" x 22".
    4. RST, stitch bag to lining around all sides, leaving a 5" opening on one long edge. Trim corners. Turn. Press lightly. Slip stitch opening.
    5. RST, fold top edge down 2" onto bag back. Fold front of bag so seamed edge matches top fold. Stitch each side. Press crease at bottom.
    6. To make box bottom: RST, bring side seam and bottom crease line together. Pin to secure. Measure 1" along seam line from end point of seam, and mark this point. Draw a line perpendicular to seam line a marked this point. Draw a line perpendicular to seam line a marked point. Stitch on line, through all thicknesses. Repeat for opposite corner. Turn right side out, turning flap to outside.
    7. To use: Wash and dry potatoes. Wrap potatoes in paper towel. DO NOT PIERCE SKIN! Place potatoes in bag and microwave, as usual, according to manufacturers directions, until done. Bag will hold up to four potatoes.
    To serve: Remove from pouch, pierce skin with fork. Let bag air dry.

    RST - Right Sides Together

    I found this online and it sounds like what my sister made. The inside of the potato is like the oven baked ones. The outside isn't, however. It is not crispy. :( We cooked two potatoes last night for 10 minutes - yummy!

  4. coffee yum!

    mine's brining me lunch from jack in the box....sooo romantic!