Friday, December 4, 2009

Fraggin' my life away

Friday Fragments?
It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. Mrs. 4444 over at is like the Santa Claus of this fraggin' workshop. Go over to her site and see what all of the other little elves have been working on.

As I lamented on Tuesday, my car with less than 45,000 miles and barely 3 years old (but just out of warranty, thank you very much) had the heater die. The quote for repair was $1200 - $1500! It was a common porblem on that year, make and model. My husband called the dealership and mentioned that it was a known issue. At first, they denied it but apparently did some research. When he talked to them a second time, they told him that they would repair the car for $100. Yup. You read that right. $100! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

My son is in the high school band. They are marching in our hometown holiday parade tomorrow at 3:00. At 6:00, they are marching in a second parade because they get paid to. I had no idea that parades sometimes paid for bands to participate. They are receiving $800. for their 40 student band to travel 10 minutes. How cool is that? The band director is concerned about how many students would return if he let them go home between parades so we basically keep them hostage in the school cafeteria. We feed them pizza, hot chocolate, soda and cookies. When I agreed to be president of music boosters, I didn't realize that my job duties would entail making gallons of hot chocolate, acting as a jailer and saving the music teachers job. Here I thought this would be an easy gig!

Am I the only one who was really shocked about the Tiger Woods' story? I don't know why but I am stunned. Other pro athletes, I expect that sort of behavior from but I always believed Tiger was above that. Not sure why I felt that way but I did. It is unbelieveable to me that he had an affair for that long without it coming out sooner because of all of the media attention. Guess his "luck" ran out. Are there any other athletes that you would be shocked to read a similiar story about? The only ones I can think of are the "Manning boys". Peyton and Eli seem to stay out of the spotlight too. Who is on your list?

That's it for today. Have a great weekend!

Here's to Fraggin'.


  1. You are now the fourth person I know of who has said their car heater died this week. Seriously.

    I am glad you got the bill down. That is a blessing.

  2. I was surprised at Tiger Woods too. Not so much that he was cheating (I'm a wee bit jaded on that front), but that he was cheating with club promoters and "party girls" and expected that it wouldn't get out. Don't sleep with chicks who will do anything to get famous if you don't want them to get famous from sleeping with you!

  3. What surprised me was how many months his liaisons went. What a mess celebrity is.

    That's wonderful news about how they lowered your repair bill. What a huge savings (although it stinks that you have to pay anything for a known problem.)

    Where do the parade organizers get the $$ to pay for bands? Now I'm off to see if our band got paid for the Thanksgiving parade.

  4. Awesome about the price to fix your car!!!

    And yes, I am disgusted by Tiger's lack of morals. I did not expect this from him. Then again, I did not expect it from my husband either. Some guys suck. Some, not all.

  5. yeah for the heater issue

    I wish all celebs would keep their personal lives personal and let us just enjoy the things they do well, be it playing golf or playing make-believe.

  6. I was surprised by Tiger too. My favorite athelete is Jason Witten- tight end for the Cowboys. I would be shocked and heart broken if he did something like that. I believe he's one of the rare good guys!

  7. Good for your hubby finding out it was a known problem for that year/model and making sure the dealership did the right thing... :)

    I was surprised by Tiger Woods, too - I thought he was above all that nonsense, at least that's the way he always presented himself.

    How cool that your son's High School Band is marching in 2 parades - and even cooler they get paid to do so. Maybe 'jailer, making gallons of hot chocolate and saving the music teacher's job' is in very fine print at the bottom of the job description of president of the music boosters. You know, the kind of fine print you need a magnifying glass to read. ;)

  8. Tiger Woods not only shocked me, it made me mad. Still does. I hate what he did to his family. Why doesn't that mean anything to some people?

  9. I had some part on my car that was near death and the mechanic told me so when they were repairing something else. Since they engine was out of the car, replacing that part now would only cost $500 instead of $900 later. I asked if the part was under warranty and was told yes (so not $900, but rather $0), but only if the part was broken. I told the guy that it broke. In fact, I insisted that the part broke. When that didn't work they got to talk with my angry husband. The shop called me back about 10 minutes later and told me that the part was indeed broken and wouldn't cost me a penny since it was fully covered under my warranty. Sometimes you really can get these guys to listen - bravo to you!!!!

    I can only say that no one is perfect. It's difficult to expect these celebrities to be perfect when they have so many pressures that we, the average folk, just don't have. I still think that having affairs is probably one of the dumbest thing these folks can do, though. Sheesh.

    Kristin - The Goat

  10. The women are still coming out of the woodwork!

  11. I, too, was shocked about Tiger's story. I guess as much as anything that the women kept their mouths shut about sleeping with him. Those celebs, no matter what sport they are in, have beautiful women throwing themselves at them all the time but, like you, I thought that Tiger was above the actions that are coming to light now. He just seemed to be so controlled not only on the golf course but in his home life. Obviously we were wrong. The celebs chasers are now bragging about bagging Tiger.

  12. Don Beebe, former Packer player, is a stand-up guy. I think it's more natural, though, for us to think of the "bad" guys, because of how the media puts them out there. Sad story.

    I would be so mad about that car; I flipped a lid when mine cost me $300 after just three years. I'm glad your husband is no pushover.

    It's terrific that you have such an important role in your son's marching band. So many parents sit by the sidelines. They don't know what we know; that when you give of yourself, you get a LOT more back than you put in. And how cool is that that the band got PAID?! Very cool.