Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yee Gads! It is time to set some goals!

I find that I do really well when I have stated goals to keep me on task and focused. Last week, MightyMom over at It's A Wonderful Life wrote about her goals for the week and I posted some goals I wanted to accomplish in the up-coming week. I met some and didn't meet some but all in all, I know I got more accomplished than I would have if I hadn't written down some weekly goals.

This post is going to be twofold. Number one, I am going to post 3 goals for the up-coming week and check in next Wednesday to see how I did. I hope you will all join me and post your own three goals.

Secondly, I hope you will share with me (and anyone else who happens to read my blog) what tips and tricks you use to accomplish the things you want or need to accomplish.

My three goals for this week are:

1) To take my lunch to work a minimum of three times. This will be good for my waistline and for my wallet.

2) To walk a minimum of four times.

3) To practice karate at home a minimum of three times.

What are your goals?

Here's to making things happen.


  1. #1 - to hoepfully not piss off anymore people when they DON'T win the raffle prize they expected to.

    #2 - Get to the bottom of why my face hurts.

    #3 - Finish packaging up all the prize packages cuz I can't stand the mess any longer

    #4 - Show Connor how to finish ripping out the ceiling so that it's ready for new sheetrock list is BORING~~


  2. 1. School supply shopping
    2. Finish the week w/o grocery shopping AGAIN
    3. Check my work email

    P.S. I like your list better.

  3. Writing goals scares me. Can I make them easy goals? :-)

  4. 1. To do my 30-Day Shred every day this week.
    2. To get by on what I have in the house rather than make an unnecessary grocery trip.
    3. To finish "The Kite Runner" within the next week so I can begin a new book.

    As far as tips and tricks, the best thing I've found is to MAKE A SCHEDULE. If I have it written down and time cut out for a task, the odds of it getting accomplished go up by about 75%!

  5. hmmm... 3 goals...

    1. write down all the food I am eating (I start & always slack - especially on weekends!)
    2. Get my kitchen floor mopped
    3. Get at least 4 days of workout in this week!

  6. those are great goals! I have never been a goal setter and I really should

  7. I have goals at work, so it make sense to have them at home too, I guess. I'm sure I'd get alot more accomplished!

  8. Oh, goals! I guess I have them, but disguised as a "to-do" list. This week, while getting my "umemployed" bearings, I haven't done a list, but here goes:
    1) go to the library, get a card and some books.
    2) finish this week's schoolwork by Saturday.
    3) have only ONE more Orange Creme Icee this week.

    Not too interesting, so maybe I should add:
    4) try to have more lofty goals! :)

    Good luck on yours!

  9. I'm more productive if I have goals...or make a list...have to see it in's like a visual contract...ha ha.

    1) Walk at least FOUR times - I'll join you on this one!

    2) Get up early and do yoga at least twice during the week

    3) Set a time for writing and stick to it! I really need more self discipline in this area!

    Good idea! May we all reach our goals this week!

  10. woo hoo for Wed goals!!

    I missed this week as it was just crazy around here.

    But stop back by cuz this week I'll have results and new goals posted!!