Monday, August 17, 2009

I am melting......

I just knew this day would come. I really did. Every time I complained about the rain in June and July, I knew that there would be a day that I regretted those words. A day where I actually longed for another rainy day. That day is finally here.

Yup, it is a bright sunny day and I am wishing for rain. Why you ask? Because the weather is as hot as it gets in Maine and I am stuck in an office with a BROKEN AIR CONDITIONER!! It is just as hot inside as it is outside. I am sitting at my desk covered with sweat and feeling sticky and icky. I hate, hate, hate feeling hot. I really do.

The repair man has been called. I hope he gets here soon. I hope he realizes that he will be walking into an office with 3 menopausal women who NEED it to be cool. That is right - we don't just want it to be cool - we need it to be cool. If he knows what is good for him, he will get here very very soon.

What's making you hot and bothered today?

Here's to working Air Conditioners.


  1. I hope the air is fixed!!! Just think of the pounds you are sweating off and can re-gain on your cruise! I does feel like summer has finally gotten to New England and people are talking about back to school.Blah. Go get yourself some ice tea!

  2. bwahahaha. poor repair man...I'd rather face a pack of lions myself!

  3. What made me hot and bothered was pulling the forest of weeds in my backyard. For the last three days! Yes, I have met my goal to get started cleaning up that which has been ignored for a while.
    I hope the A/C got fixed for ya! Nothing worse than heat when you can have your own personal summer going on without going to the beach or anything fun like that!

  4. Oh mercy... I know how it feels girlie... we had ours out for awhile at the beginning of summer...

    hang in there... eat lots of Fudgcicles!!!

  5. I always thought you were hot, baby!!

    Sorry to hear about the a/c - hopefully it's fixed now. Last night, when my nightly round of hot flashes came around, I thought I might have to kill someone.

    Almost vacation time!!!!!

  6. Hope you are cooler now and that the repairman is still alive.

  7. That hot, sticky feeling is horrible. You need an iced latte, pronto! :-)