Monday, August 10, 2009

I need books, books and more books....

Those of you who follow this blog may remember a previous post about "the-best-Christmas-gift-ever" also known as my Kindle. I LOVE to read. You also know (and are probably sick of hearing about) that I am going on vacation in 11 days (not that I am counting). When I go on vacation, I usually read multiple books. I am very excited to take my Kindle with me this year instead of a bag bulging at the seams with books.

So, ladies and gents of blogdom, I am looking for recommendations of good books to read. I will be on vacation so I am looking for books on the lighter side as I don't want to think too much. I have gotten a couple of book recommendations already from reading blogs (thanks, Hallie, for the last one!) and I just know that you all have lots of ideas to share.

Here's to reading!


  1. Hmmm...I always read some pretty heavy books. Not heavy (weight), but thought provoking. Well, but then there was one heavy book weight-wise. I wish I could think of something that would be good vacation wise. Sorry!
    Have a great vacation!

  2. Will come up with a few more good ones. Need to think. Back tomorrow with some titles!


  3. Jennifer Wiener. I just finished reading her first 3 books, 1st was called "Good in Bed", perfect vacation reads! If you want something a little deeper, go for Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It is about early onset althzeimers, but is a great story. Have a great vacation!!!

    BTW, I was in Rockport. I know it is not the 'woods' of Maine, but it was close with no internet!!! :)

  4. Any Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich) book is good. Light and funny.

  5. be careful with Stephanie Plum! there's so much food in there that I was hungry every time I sat to read!!

    I'm a die hard fan of Agatha Christie...Earlene Fowler is good too....Jennipher Chiaverini....Harry Potter is always a good read...Sue Grafton....Lillian Jackson Braun is great for a quick, fun read...particularly if you like cats.

    I've also enjoyed reading some of the classics. Adventure of Treasure Island is very good. anything by Dickens is great. Gulliver's Travels is a good one.

    Oh and I can't remember the author...but the first book in the series is "#1 Ladies Detective Agency" it's completely set in S Africa and is very easy and fun to read with great visual pictures and descriptions.

    let's see....I think I just recited almost everything on my book shelf HAHA!

    when you get back you'll have to do a book review post..or two!! :-)

  6. So you still love your Kindle? I'm still curious if I want one or not...

    Right now I'm reading a cute, light read called "Miss Invisible" - its really cute - about an overweight, single, Christian girl living in a "skinny world"...

    I also love the Knitting series from Debbie Macomber... those are easy, cute reads...

  7. I want to know more about the Kindle, too. Do you really love it?

    Here are some of my fave authors: Jennifer Wiener, Elinor Lipman, Nevada Barr (not humorous, but sets mysteries in national parks), Susan Isaacs (reading Red, White, and Blue now), and just finished the historical fiction trilogy that begins with the novel, These is my Words.


    is the link to my previous posting about my kindle. I still do love my kindle. I think it is one of the best presents that I have ever received. I think it is perfect for anyone who buys a lot of books.

  9. Apparently, I have the same taste in light reading as many of your other commenters!

    I love the Stephanie Plum series, anything and everything by Elinor Lipman, Jennifer Weiner, and Elizabeth Berg. Elin Hilderbrand books are also light and easy to read. I just finished two that I absolutely love--"Golden Country" by Jennifer Gilmore and "Oh My Stars" by Lorna Landvik. I think part of the reason I love everything Landvik writes so much is because of the local (Minnesota) setting of her books.

    If you like easy and quick mystery series books at all, I get a huge kick out of the Bed-and-Breakfast series by Mary Daheim, as well as the Desiree-Shapiro-"Murder Can..." series by Selma Eichler. Not a whole lot of substance in either series, but lots of laughs!

    I could go on and on...and I've also wondered about the Kindle!

  10. You already know what I read - but to remind you: James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Harlen Coben, Robert B. Parker, Lisa Scottoline, Janet Evanovich, John Sandford, Nelson DeMille, Patricia Cornwell. I also enjoyed the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency...

  11. Kiterunner (I know you already have enough, but add this one to your list if you haven't already read it!