Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fragments?

It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. This party is hosted by the Exalted Ruler of Randomness Mrs. 4444 over at Friday Fragments is where we bloggers bundle up all the random thoughts that have come to us over the past week while we are doing important things like watching the Red Sox lose to the Yankees or contemplating how many days until school starts again.

My son has been out straight busy this week. He has been working 5 hours a day and then sitting in Drivers' Ed class for 3 hours. Yesterday, he didn't have Drivers' Ed so he got to spend some time with friends. He was supposed to work but, when he got there, the manager came out to him and my hubby and said that they decided that they didn't want him to work. He had worked 5 days straight, been doing a great job (according to the manager) and it had been short staffed so it had been challenging. They told him to go home and relax. He was a little disappointed about not earning the money but felt good about himself. My hubby was proud as could be over all the nice things the manager said.

Now that I have been taking karate for 4 or 5 months, we are getting so that we punch and block with a little more force. My arms are sporting several bruises, and I have to say, I am pretty proud of them. Last night when Erin (my fellow yellow belt) and I were doing drills, we kept saying "great block" every time we did what we imagined was a bruise-inflicting move. Don't get me wrong, I don't like pain (I am a real wimp) but it is nice feeling to realize that I might actually be able to defend myself. Erin and I compared bruises in the middle of class. Our Sensei taught us some new drills last night and laughed at us as we struggled to figured them out. Who knew that karate would be so much fun? I also didn't know that karate would be such good exercise.

The Tall Ships are sailing into Portsmouth Harbor as I type this. I can hear the cannon at a local fort salute them as the go by. My poor dog is freaking out from the noise. I read in the paper that an organization is claiming that they have copyrighted the term "tall ship" and they are trying to prevent others from using that wording. Hello, how can someone copyright a term like that? What is next?

I am starting to freak out about how close school is. It is just two weeks until my vacation (you just knew I would mention that, didn't you?) and school starts just a few days after we get back. School supplies purchased - no; School clothes purchased - no; Summer school assignments completed - no. Now the last one isn't my problem but the other two things are. School clothes in particular will need to be dealt with as the boy does not have any jeans that fit. Not even one pair. He grew several inches last spring and they all basically turned into capri pants. Not a good fashion statement on a 15 year old boy, I tell you. He got out the scissors and made shorts out of them, just like we used to when we were kids! I didn't have to buy even one pair of shorts this summer. However, I predict spending a fortune on pants in the next few days. Purchasing school supplies will have to wait until school starts because the high school doesn't provide a list. Each teacher gives the students a list the first class and you are expected to run out that night and buy them. I hate that! It reminds me of this spring when we were purchasing a display board for a history presentation. We ran into his classmates in Staples and in the parking lot who were buying the same thing.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. I am planning on going to see a presentation of "Grease" in Portsmouth at a waterfront park. I am really excited. I am going with a friend. It is strange. We live less than a mile apart and she is a childhood friend of my husband. She and I have been acquaintances for years but have gotten to know each other much better the past few months because of facebook. Isn't that strange? She is a neighbor but I rarely see her in person. We do chat and correspond on facebook almost daily, however. She is really sweet and has always been very supportive of my son. She is the type of person that calls to see if my son is selling popcorn because she wants to buy it! It should be a fun evening.

What random thoughts are clogging up your brain today.

Here's to randomness.


  1. Maybe a nice weekend but it's monsooning in Auburn right now!!

    I too, have the jeans issue. Connor has grown 8" in the last 10 months. Just hit 6 feet. And he weighs 120. 32 waist, 32 inseam!!


  2. Oh, don't remind me of teenagers and jeans! My 15 year old ALSO sprouted up over the summer...sigh....

  3. I haven't gotten the Princess Nagger any school clothes yet, either - I'm waiting until the last minute because she always seems to be in a growth spurt... I'm sure as she gets older it will only get worse. ;)

    Way to go on the Karate class! What's the next 'belt' level?

    Happy Friday! :)

  4. I love "Grease"!

    Kudos on the Karate. Wear those bruises with pride.

  5. Nenner, nenner...I don't have to buy school clothes anymore! Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Too many randoms thoughts bouncing around in my head. Way too many...
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Not feeling clogged at all-no worries :)

    Copyrighting "tall ships"? A better question than "How" would be "Why???" Does anyone really care?

    You have a lot to be proud of-a wonderful son and learning and growing (though bruising) with karate. Good for you! Enjoy your vacation!!

  7. ships and cannons how cool-sorry bout the doggers tho'

    my oldest just finished drivers ed...I am more nervous now than

    we start school the 13th next Wed! can you believe that?

  8. I can't believe you live in a places that HAS tall ships. So cool. :-)

    And I think the karate is awesome. I wish I could find an adult-over-the-hill class. It would be fun.

  9. well, now you enjoy yourself!

    good friends are hard to find....even on facebook.

  10. Didn't Donald Trump attempt to copyright "You're Fired"?

    Another example of people with plenty of ego, and precious little common sense.