Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is it just me.....

Is it just me is a little gig that Hallie (who I will meet sometime soon!) does on Wednesdays where we share all those thoughts where you wonder if there is anyone else in this world that thinks the way you do.

Is it just me but isn't it fun when you are in a meeting and you know that someone else is thinking the EXACT same thing you are? It doesn't happen all that often to me but, strangely enough, it happened twice yesterday. Something happened in the meeting and I made eye contact with a co-worker and realized that we were sharing a brain. The fact that one of the times it happened with my "co-worker from He--" makes it even stranger. Seriously, we have about as much in common as an apple and spinach. So to share the same thought was very strange and, to be honest, kind of scary.

Ia it just me or is taking a vacation with limited internet access hard to do? I really hate to admit that but it is hard to give up blogging and facebook and email. Of course, to add to my angst was coming back to facebook and having to catch up on farmtown, Cafe World and Country Life. Sometimes those games become more of a chore than fun.

Is it just me or is the fact that my son's drama club won their division in the one act competition pretty exciting? First time in over 20 years. What makes it particularly exciting is that I missed the previous performance because I was on vacation so now I get to see the play.

Is it just me or does it make you smile to hear that the drama club goes by TADA? Seriously, their name is Traip Academy Dramatic Arts and it is shortened to TADA. Someone had their thinking cap on that day.

Is it just me or does it piss you off when you are wide awake on those mornings when you can sleep late? Yup, I drag myself out of bed grudgingly most mornings. This morning, I realized I could sleep an extra hour and woke up at the normal time bright eyed and raring to go. Doesn't that just figure?

Is it just me or is this all you have time for today? Make sure you go over and just out what thoughts Hallie and the others are wondering about today. Have a great one!

Here's to Hallie!


  1. I hate that my biological clock doesn't do weekends and holidays - I still get up at the same time, even though I could sleep in. So I try to stay in bed anyway...if I had a table on the bed, I'd probably drum my fingers on it, waiitng.

    So I give up and get up and face the day...sigh.

    At one job, I was the office cynic - not only did I think the same thing as a lot of people in the meeting, I'd be the one who asked the questions everyone else was too afraid to bring up.

    This actually worked to my advantage - the CEO would sometimes come to me and discuss things in advance of a general announcement, to get my take on things.

  2. Love the TADA name!! Seriously, that is just awesome!!

    I go on vaca in 10 days - plan to ignore blogs and concentrat on the fam. :)


  3. Congrats to your son and his drama club! It's pretty cool when our kids succeed, isn't it? TADA!! Fantastic name!

    We spent our last vacay with limited internet and promised we wouldn't do that again. Forget the family time, the site seeing, the memories -- all we could talk about was that internet!

  4. giving up the computer is hard....but not because of facebook or farmville. it's hard because it's like giving up contact with my friends for a little while.

    which is why I DIDN'T give up blogging for Lent! haha.