Friday, March 19, 2010

Fragments for Friday

On Fridays, the wonderful, the all-in-one-piece Mrs. 4444 invites us all to join in with her and celebrate the coming weekend by clearing our minds out of the little bits and pieces of this and that. It is sort of a spring cleaning on a weekly basis. Make sure you check out her amazing blog and all of the blogs of everyone else who is joining in.

Our school department had a band concert this week. Grades 5-12 participated. We enjoyed music selection from the beginners band (with lots of eekks and squeaks) and ended with a standing-ovation evoking performance by the high school band. In addition, a local wind ensemble played a couple of songs and then joined with the 7-8 and high school bands for a joint song. What a great time! I, unfortunately, didn't get to really enjoy most of the performances because I was manning the music boosters bake sale table. It was oh, so fun. Well, not totally bad but I don't understand why some parents go to concerts and allow their younger children to RUN WILD. The parents were in the gym enjoying the music while 4, 5 and 6 year old kids were running around, out of their sight, yelling, hooting and hollowing, sliding down the wheelchair ramp, playing in the elevator, etc. The parents had no idea what these kids were up to. The high school principal had to leave the concert to make sure they didn't get hurt or didn't hurt anything.

Other kids were sent to the bake sale table with money clutched tight in their fists. One woman gave her two kids $5. each to spend on cookies, cupcakes etc. One first grader was determined to spend all $5. I was certainly happy he wasn't going home with me that night. He must have been bouncing off of the ceiling with a sugar rush.

We sell the baked goods by "donation". This means we don't set a price. In most cases, this works out fine but we did have two middle school girls who were taking advantage of the situation. To make it worse, they were trying to be sneaky about it. We had decided to shut them off the next time they came up but they must have figured it out (or must have figured out that 10 things each was enough!) because they ended up staying away.

We held a raffle that brought in over $8000. The nice thing was that staff members won 3 of the approximately 10 prizes. That made me smile because you know they get hit up for every fundraiser.

The weather these past few days has been glorious and tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. I went to a play last night and was walking around at 10:00pm with out a jacket in a short sleeved shirt. This is not typical for March in Maine. I have to say, however, that I am loving it. Of course, if Old Man Winter decides to descend again, I am going to be crushed. I try to tell myself that this won't last but I really want spring to be here.

My son worked on his eagle project yesterday. Yeah - the first step! I didn't get to really discuss it with him but he is heading in the right direction.

That is all I have for today. Thanks, Mrs. 4444 - I feel a lot better.

Here's to Friday Fragments.


  1. Oooooo.......I don't like parents. ;) Well, I can't stand parents who pretend they don't have kids. Why DO they let their kids run around???

    I wish I was at a bake sale right now! You raised a boatload of cash at your auction! Congrats!

    Happy Friday!

  2. What part of Maine are you in? I was born and raised there. (Bangor, Augusta, Cape Elizabeth and Caribou ... we moved a LOT) I'm in Oklahoma now and go figure ... we supposed to get 4 - 8 inches of SNOW tomorrow! Hard to believe since it's in the mid 70s today but that's life in Oklahoma! :)

  3. I always felt like the mean orge mommy when we went to functions at school. I made my girls sit like little ladies andwatch whatever it was we were there to see. I allowed them visit time when all was said and done and I was visiting with other parents, and then they were only allowed to visit the kids of the parents I was visiting. I always disliked those who allowed the kids to "run free".

  4. You're welcome :)

    There's parents like that in every bunch, unfortunately. Good on you for helping out. Wow! $8000--that's amazing!

    I feel the same way about the weather-trying not to get to used to these mild temps!

    Have a great week :)

  5. glad, grumble, that, grumble, you grumble, had, grumble, nice, grumble, weather, grumble, this, grumble weekend.