Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A twofer - 10 down and 43 to go!

As I have mentioned, we have been watching Food Network a fair amount. We have been watching "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" where he goes in and challenges a restaurant in their specialty dish. My husband loves spicy food so he was interested in Bobby Flay's Sloppy Joes. I have never liked Sloppy Joes but I was willing to give it a try.

When we went shopping for the ingredients, we were unable to find the roasted peppers called for in the recipe. We bought peppers and I roasted them at home. Yup. One meal and two new recipes! I had no idea that you had to peel the roasted peppers. It was very very easy.

The sloppy joe recipe was very time consuming. Thank goodness that we weren't all that hungry when we started. My hubby flunked knife skills as he sliced his finger pretty good. Ouch. We haven't ruled out a trip to the ER later tonight.

I made a few modifications to Bobby's recipe. We felt that there was a strong enough taste of vinegar so we didn't add any at the end as instructed. Also, we decided to serve them on traditional rolls instead of on the garlic toast.

The final results, however, were outstanding. They were very tasty with a nice spice. It made a good amount and we have leftovers for lunches or another meal. I would make them again - but only if I had plenty of time. Definitely not school lunch sloppy joes!

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  1. Hope his finger is better and that I find something as tasty (and easier to make) for our dinner!