Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Facebook - the best thing or the biggest waste of time?

I originally signed up for facebook because my nephew in Texas bought a house and I wanted to see photos of it. A few minutes, a few keystrokes and I was the proud owner of a facebook page. I didn't plan on really using it but it served it's purpose. Within a few days, I had a friend request from one of my oldest friends. I met Kris when I visited Liberty Elementary School the year before we started Kindergarten. We both had older sisters in the school so we both ended up staying there all day while the other wee ones went home after a few hours. We bonded over the swing sets and remained friends until we graduated from high school. However, we had been out of touch for many many years. I was thrilled to reconnect with her.

One thing led to another and I started getting friend requests right and left from school friends. I was enjoying catching up with everyone. We started challenging each other to find more and more. My list of friends was increasing rapidly! How fun! I did have a conversation one evening with a high school friend where we wondered where we would all be in 12 months. Would we still be in contact or would we not bother anymore?

Then it happened. I got a request to join Farm Town and I accepted it. I became obsessed with plowing, planting, harvesting, getting bigger and bigger. I looked at other farms and was jealous of their flowers, their items, their lay-outs. My family started commenting about how much time I was spending playing the games. I sent them away because they were breaking my concentration. I spent time at baseball games talking to another mother about farming. Then the Cafe World invitation arrived and, once again, I said yes. I started building my cafe. I did resist many games but Cafe World did manage to break my willpower. Suddenly, I notice people playing Country Life and I joined that one too. Oh no! Three games to control. Where would I find the time? After making sure that my three games were basically paused, I went to a conference in April. Even though I had my netbook, I didn't play one game. I realized I could live without them and I haven't started playing again. I have not deleted them but that is mostly because I don't know how to.

I have experienced both sides of facebook. The side I love where I get to reconnect with old friends. I am finding that, one year later, I am not as active on the site but that I do still make time to touch base with many of my friends. I have also had the opportunity to reconnect with others. I am so happy to be in regular contact with Kristina, Betty-Lu, Danny, Delina, and Julie. I am finding that in some cases, it was like we never stopped talking to each other. The years have simply melted away. With others, I have formed deeper friendships that didn't exist in the past. As we have grown up, we have much more in common. With some friends, I am finding it delightful to be in touch. I have reconnected with my ex-boyfriend's freshman roommate and quickly remembered how much I appreciated his sense of humor. He might be a little older but that razor sharp wit still exists! Paul also has a blog! I am very happy he did a search for me! On the other hand, some "friends" have basically faded into the woodwork in the past year. Neither of us bother to make an effort and that is ok.

So, to me, since I have deep-sixed the games, Facebook is back to being a great thing. What do you think?

Here's to facebook.


  1. I go there only occasionally, and when I do, I get lost. I have no clue as to how to get around it, how to find my messages, or messages on my wall. I suppose I am not missing too much, since I never got really started there. I have made contact with some old school friends like you and that is nice, but other than that..meh...

  2. Love, love, love Facebook! Really. Love. So good to reconnect with old friends!

  3. FaceCrack??? oh yeah. I've visited once, twice or 22million times. :)
    Fun to catch up with an old chapter of life...wondering how they all fit in today's chapter.

  4. Got tired of the farm!! But it's THE way to keep in touch with family and friends.......and I wouldn't trade my Super Bowl play by play for NUTTIN!!