Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Car ride talks

Most parents of teenagers will tell you that the best time to get information from your child is during a car ride. There is something about being stuck in a metal box on wheels that loosens a teenager's tongue. Over the past week, I have heard about:

1) The classmate who started a facebook group making fun of my son. This was mentioned in a passing comment and boy-o assured me that he didn't mind it. Apparently, a classmate started a group saying that boy-o wasn't really smart and that he just persuades others that he is. This classmate is a former friend but as they have gotten older, they have drifted apart because they have very very little in common. Anyway, this kid started the group and sent invitations to it to many of the kids in the high school. He apparently didn't pay attention to who he sent it to because many students who are friends of my son received invites. First period, my son heard about it. My son went up to the other kid in band and politely asked about it. The other kid said it was a joke. My son asked him to take it down and the kid said he wasn't sure he wanted to do that but he would put it as a private group. That is apparently what he has done. The funny thing is that the other kid is the one who ended up looking stupid over the entire thing when other students - including the president of the senior class - came to boy-o's defense. Did I mention that the president of the senior class made it thru Pre-Calc because of help from my son? Or that they are in AP Calc together? Boy-o is getting an A and El Presidente is barely passing? Yeah, he is going to agree that Boy-o isn't particularly smart. NOT!
Of course, in this day and age, this could be construed as cyber-bullying. Another reason why this kid ended up looking stupid. I am pleased with the maturity that my son showed in dealing with it.

2) That my son is contributing articles to a website dedicated to Magic The Gathering. Once again - just a passing comment was made. His first article was published in April and the next one is being published this week. I read it. I have not a clue about what it said but it seemed impressive to me.

3) That my son was selected for National Honor Society. Once again - you guessed it - this was in a passing comment. We had already talked on the phone and I was told "nothing interesting happened at school today". He may not have been excited but I certainly was.

4) That cyber-bullying is alive and well and my son thinks it is stupid. I guess some kids started two facebook groups making fun of a middle school student and her mother's death in a car accident. One group is called "At least my mother knows how to use the brakes". How sad! He didn't know who started the group and he ignored the invitation.

So, I am off to gas up the SUV. You never know when a teenager might need a ride... or when a mother might need some information.

Here's to car rides.


  1. I get all my best insider info in the car, too. I try to take The Boy on at least one errand or two a week, just to keep up with his stuff.

  2. holy cow. you got lots of info from him.
    i can't believe...or I can believe how mean kids are, they were when I was in school...the difference now being they can post it all over the internet. How sad.

  3. I'm going to need to remember this in about 10 years. You've raised a wonderful young man. :)

  4. I loved that ending--nice job. I agree on this subject. And I've seen the FB idiocy, too. IN fact, a student I wrote a referral for a couple of weeks ago started a group called, "Mrs.4444 has got to go, Pronto!" What an idiot (he invited my daughter). It went private right after she told him he wasn't very bright to put up a page like that and then invite my daughter to it accidentally.