Monday, November 16, 2009

Where has the time been goin'?

I haven't posted in so long. It isn't due to lack of interest but rather lack of time.

You know how you make plans for some unknown date in the future thinking it will be a Loooonnnng time before it happens and then you wake up one day and it is here? That happened to me. My niece moved to a new town up in the potato capital of Maine (called THE county). That was three years ago and I told my son that when he got his permit we would do a road trip to visit her. Fast forward to this past weekend and the time was here. We hit the road on Friday and he drove us up there. We had a WONDERFUL visit with my beloved niece and her boyfriend. It was so nice to see her and see the life that she has carved out for herself. She seems happy in life, work and love. It doesn't get any better than that. Caribou Maine is a long way from civilization as I know it but is a very self-contained town with a lot going on. In the "it's a small world" category, my son met her boyfriend this summer at band camp. Also, we went to a high school musical that Jon was playing in the pit band for. Also in the band were my son's two roommates from band camp.

My boss has been stressing out lately over the littlest thing. We never know what is going to set him off. It makes going to work a lot less fun, I tell you. Add in a co-worker who has decided she hates me and you can tell that I have been under a ton of stress lately. I keep telling myself that "this too shall pass."

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!! That means that Christmas is also just around the corner along with snow, etc. etc. I am actually going to do a mega Christmas shopping today. I have found that an early trip with a friend reduces the stress of Christmas for me. If only I had any ideas of what to buy......

I am off to start my day. I hope everyone is doing great!

Here's to making time.


  1. I thought people only moved away from The County?? LOL!

    You should work where I do, everyone is so nice, actually too nice. It's creepy.

    Ugh Christmas.....

  2. sounds like you did have a lovely visit!
    I know what ya mean about time and how it gets away from you...I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here

  3. What a great trip that was for you! I wish I could get up to our country lodgings. Time. That's the only thing stopping me!
    I am doing my Thanksgiving dinner shopping today. The I won't have any money left til next payday. Oh. There is the other thing stopping me. Money. Oh well!
    My work is generally a lot of drama going on and this person not liking that person etc., etc. It takes a toll. Now the bosses are changing every little thing we do and how we do it. Believe me, there are people there who are taking it all so personally. I give up trying to explain that eventually it will all be better. Another Oh well!
    Hang in there...what else can a person do?

  4. good for you!

    Starting a few years ago I set myself a DEADLINE that all Christmas shopping/making will be done by Thanksgiving. This allows me to relax and enjoy Advent without being frantic. I also always make a couple extra gifts just in case I get invited to an unexpected party :-)