Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twofer Tuesday

I work in a small insurance agency. I pitch in and answer the phones when the receptionist and her back-up are busy. Last week, I answered the phone and a customer told me that she had a problem with her bill. I found out her name and what type of policy and told her that I would put her through to the woman who handles her account. She said to me "Before you give me to someone else, I want you to know that my bill was soaking wet when I got it and I don't appreciate it." I thought that was weird but made noises of concern and gave the call to my co-worker. She told my co-worker the same thing and said "I don't understand why you would mail me a wet bill." Yup, you got it. She actually accused our office of mailing the letter wet. My co-worker explained that the bill was sent by the company and the client asked her to call the company and complain and tell them not to send wet mail. She didn't believe my co-worker when she explained that it had probably gotten wet on Saturday when our area had torrential downpours. Nope. She believes that we - or our company -mailed her a soaking wet envelope. We are still scratching our heads on that one.

For a couple of days, my husband told me that he planned on working with our son on the burn pile on our spare lot on Saturday morning. He also mentioned - in passing -that they were considering going to the movies. Saturday, they left to go to the dump dressed in working outside clothes. I stayed home and slaved away doing housework (ok, I did a little housework and played on facebook). About 2:00, I realized that it would be a good time for lunch and I went out on our front porch and called them. No response. I went to the back door and called. No response. I went into the garage to discover that they weren't home. Hmmmmm. I called the cell phones. No response. By this time, I figured out that they had probably gone to the movies and used it as an excuse to head upstairs for a nap. :) About 4:30, I got a call from my husband. I asked where he was and he said they were leaving the movies. Once he said that, he realized that he had never told me they were going. They never worked on the burnpile but had instead gone Christmas Shopping and to the movies. I figure I can milk the guilt on this one for a good week. What do you think?

I hope everyone has a great day!

Here's to quick posts.


  1. Milk away! Did they shop for you? That could sway how long I might milk it!

    How long did the customer think paper would stay wet? A week? Was she elderly because that is something my mom might think...!

  2. Definitely milk it. :) There are few times in life you get the chance!

  3. I find it wonderful fun to answer the phones at work sometimes when people like your caller calls our store. I get a few a week! Next time, please, will you dry out the mail you send???
    I think it is great that they went to the movies and did some shopping. (That would not have ever happened in my world) I would have been panicked though, because even though it had been discussed earlier, I would have forgotten what was said! Than I probably would have said something that would beg me to get my foot crammed deeply into my mouth! (I'm bad that way!)

  4. Oh yeah, baby, milk it.
    At least the excuse included Christmas shopping....probably for you!
    So between the 'milking it' and knowing they probably got you a gift, I'd say it ended up a good day!
    ....I would have been a wreck there for a while, though.

  5. maybe 10 days if you're really subtle at milking.

    well, at least she didn't accuse you of peeing on it before you mailed it. ;-)