Friday, October 30, 2009

Fragmented thoughts on a Friday

Friday Fragments?
It is Friday and you know what that means! It is another edition of Friday Fragments. Mrs. 4444 over at is the grand marshal of this parade of randomness. Make sure you check out the other participants.

Everytime I clean out the lint trap in my dryer, I am amazed at how much stuff is there. Am I the only one who wonders why we still have clothes? I always think that some day, I will open the dryer and it will be empty because all of the clothes dissolved into that big mass of lint.

In my current hometown, they hold trick or treating on October 30th. Apparently they have done this forever and a day. Isn't that strange? No one seems to know why it isn't held on the 31st. Just that "it has always been done this way". Not that it really matters as we never get trick or treaters. I think the most I have ever gotten was 10 - mostly because I told people to make sure they stopped by with their children.

I got a call from the school nurse today. First thing she said to me was "they are dropping like flies". I had to go get my son at school because he had a slight fever. He went to her office to get a cough drop and she took his temperature. With all of the flu going around, they have zero tolerance for anything. I have to say, I think that is a good idea. His temp was only 99 but I would rather catch it early. Our school has been overrun with what they are calling influenza like illness. The paper referred to it as ILI. Where do they come up with these things?

That's all, Folks.

Here's to randomness.


  1. No, I wonder about the lint in the lint trap too. It's always so much. I don't get it.

  2. My clothes are disappearing....they get smaller and smaller every year!

  3. I think lint is the next greatest as yet undiscovered building resource!!

    Hallie :)

  4. I think Hallie is on to something there. Add a little Gorilla Glue and WA-LA, we have a wall folks! I will forever be worried about the day my clothes are completely in the lint trap. I have never thought about it before, but now it's going to keep me up nights!

  5. So true about the lint trap...though my son's clothes have so little lint and mine have tons. What does this say?? :)

    Hope your son feels better soon!

  6. I hope your little guy is feeling better.

    October 30th? That IS odd.

  7. never thought of the lint trap that way before...

  8. Hi - remember me? It's a good thing we have GNO coming up next week, 'cause I'm missing you!

    Scary thing with the kid at school - I'm with you, I'd hate to have to leave it in the hands of the principal and police. I would want ANSWERS and now.